View Full Version : I miss my old Assitant Manager

08-29-2007, 01:01 PM
My store has gone through some major management shifts in my time working there and I'm currently at the bottom rung after two of the worst managers in existence...one is just a not nice person and slightly crazy, and one is that fake nice to me but I'm the first person yelled at there if crap is going wrong on any shift we may share even if it's not my fault...she's made me cry on a few occasions.

But before all that, we had one amazing AM....stuff got done on his shift, but we had fun. He had his bad points, but the sales were mostly up, and stuff got done and customers liked him and the staff wasn't so....stubborn under him.

And he was truly a kind nice AWESOME person. Truly the only person I've ever worked with especially in a management position that made sure I took some time for me on my shifts...just maybe 5 minutes, but on days that I was doing three peoples work (especially before I was a shift manager) just trying to make things run smoothly so the GM wouldn't be ticked off when she came back the next day, he'd motion for me while he had his smoke break, and make me just sit....let other people do their jobs by themselves not have me cover all 4 slots (cashier cook cut phones) we were fully staffed and a few minutes of me sitting wasn't gonna kill anybody, especially since everyone else would do it whether we had the people or not.

It was a little thing, yes, but really the 1st time anyone gave me permission to be selfish for a minute.

and he even wrote me this amazing recommendation letter when I was trying to get a job elsewhere. He let me read it even though I shouldn't have....it was.....awesome...it wasn't false, cause he wasn't the type to use false flattery. It said how much I did around there, how much he'd miss me if I left the store, but how I deserved better.

I'm crying just thinking about it.

I keep that letter in a thing with other important notes and read it when ever I'm having one of those "Oh crap" days or one of those days when i've been yelled at.
Along with the note he left me when I opened the store for the first time. It ended with the phrase "Be a Legend" and it's my other pick me up.

He transfered to another store last january, and even though i have his personal cell phone number I can't bring myself to call him---too many what ifs...so I've tried texting him but no answer.

I need to start checking all the stores in the district....I need to see him again.

I MISS HIM.....:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

09-21-2007, 03:16 AM
There was this kickass manager that only worked at my job for only a month. Coolest guy ever he always said positive comments about the associates, very kind to the customers, thought I was handsome with my haircut and let me try some turkey sausage. Really cool