View Full Version : Apparently, I have a reading comprehension problem

Irving Patrick Freleigh
08-08-2006, 06:56 AM
Tonight, I helped unload the truck and then helped thrid shift for a few hours. With the manifest for our truck there was this note from the GM manager: "All school supplies worked to floor"

We assumed this meant all the school supplies were to be sent to the floor to be filled, even the mass quantities of binders and crayons that scanned as backstock. After all, we are in the middle of BTS and that stuff is flying off the shelves.

So we sent it all to the floor, and the overnight supervisor threw a shitfit when she saw all the school supllies on the floor to be filled. So she started yelling at me for sending it all out, even though it wouldn't all fit out.

My rather terse response: "The note from the manager said all the school supplies get worked to the floor. If you have a problem, take it up with her. All I did was follow what the note said."

I am really getting fed up with having to be a mindreader and getting torn a new one when I get the wrong answer.