View Full Version : Good Triumphs Over Annoying!

09-06-2007, 09:41 AM
I was so pleased about this, made me feel all warm and tingly.

One of my co-workers (NOT the Sucky one from another post) had spent about twenty minutes setting up this display of make-up. The rest of us were doing our own jobs, but I was close enough to notice three teenage boys hanging around nearby. I thought it was a little weird for three teenage boys to be hanging around near a make-up stand, but I live in a strange city, so it didn't really register. But five minutes later, just as my co-worker finished the display, they walk over and start messing it up. They make it sound like they're just browsing, so she can't stop them, saying things like "Oh, do you think she's like this one?" picking several things up, and putting them back in the wrong place. After maybe a minute, they step back, laughing like cretins. The display is in pieces.

My coworker looks as though she's gonna cry.

So, I get up to go help her. In the ten seconds it takes me to get over there, three of my collegues and SIX customers have stepped in to help. Everyone's either patting my co-worker on the back, glaring at the boys, or putting things back where they belong. Two minutes later, the display looks perfect again, and everyone in the store is looking murderously at the jerkwads.

They leave looking rather red faced.

I just can't get over how NICE it was for those customers to pitch in like that. You don't get many genuinely nice people in the pretentious suburb I live in. :)