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09-09-2007, 02:59 AM
So I'm rushing with Swing guy to get stuff done so I can get to my game, when my manager calls. She asks if I'm hungry. Well, I can always eat, so I say yeah. She tells me her mother is making pot stickers, and would I like to have some. I'm like hell yeah! Since my mom picks me up so I can drop stuff off at bank, she tells me to tell her to come too.

My manager of almost 4 years, invited me to her home, to meet her four daughters and parents. (Her husband was working). Her brother I already knew since I've worked with him at his store. (He is also a manger for Plaid Pantry).

Her father was always smiling and shaking my hand, though I didn't understand him. Her mother was real sweet, and showed my mom how to cook a vegetable they grow. She has a nice house, that they had built. A huge garden.

What was strange was taking off the shoes before going into house. I've never done that before. Not to mention that my manager and her mom were basically shoving food at me. (It was Pot Stickers, some kind of vegetable, all in a soup that has shrimp in it). It was unbelivibally delecious, and her daughters were great. Her youngest, about a year, is almost as big as my manager. (Well, maybe half her size, but it still a good 2 foot baby!!!)

So, it was really nice of her, and she rules. She also brought some pot stickers soup to swing guy at work as a surprise.

So, my manager rules. She told me a while ago that I changed her view on young people working, before they were always lazy and stealing. It was I that changed her view, and she worked with them for ten years.

I do love my manager alot, and would do anything for her. She told me she considers me as brother, and awhile ago was trying to hook me up with her niece in China. (Who, btw, is unbelivily intelligent and beauitful).

So, I found out her daughters have a love for books, so I'm going to buy them some Nancy Drew books, (Since two of them were fighting to read one of them).