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Department stores *sigh*
08-10-2006, 07:14 AM
After my thief rant i should post about some good things.

The other week i was doing my thing in Home E when an older couple came up to me and had brought up a page out of the store catalouge. Apparently their daughter had used her life savings of points on a really nice portable dvd player for a huge trip she had planned with her kids. Promptly after leaving the store she had it stolen when she went into another store. didnt even get it home. Her parents (the old couple) wanted to suprise her by purchasing it before she had to go on her trip. Unfortunatly we did not have the kind they wanted as the catalouge was specialty items. I told them that my manager L__ had recently purchased a portable dvd player from here so i would ask him if it would work as a subsitute. Unfortunatly i could not get a hold of him so i took down the couples name number and the model of the player and i would do some shoopping for them. Now im not gloating about me here couse i feel this is normal stuff for the good people. This is where i think the coworkers stepped in well. As they went downstairs they spot L__ and ask him if we was indeed the L__ i tried to contact. He was and he took them back to home while i was helping other customers. I come back to find L__ had brought out the brand and model of what he had purchased, promtly explained to him that it was only slightly lacking in comparasin to the old one and offered it to them at less then half the price. The old couple where ecstatic, shaking hands with me and him and promptly leaving a note for our head manager congratulating us on our aid.

L__ did a great job helping this great couple.

P.S. We joked about how much we would laugh if we later got an email saying 'Be on lookout for older couple with a sad tale about a daughter' =P