View Full Version : The Moneygram Customer

09-18-2007, 07:59 AM
Yesterday, a customer wanted to send a moneygram but he only had a cash card and we're supposed to do cash. The customer wasn't happy about not being able to use his cash card for the moneygram. My service desk coworker mentioned that she would have to check with someone about being able to use the cash card for the moneygram. It turned out that at the store she transferred from, you weren't allowed to use anything except cash for money orders/money grams but we're a little more flexible where I work.

The assistant store director informed the customer of the situation. The customer wasn't happy with the way the assistant director spoke to him even though he wasn't rude.:mad:

I set it up on the register so that the customer could have the cash withdrawn from his cash card. There's a certain limit on cash back so 2 transactions had to be done.

I put the moneygram transaction through on the register. The customer wanted the receipt for the moneygram but I couldn't find it. I saw a signed receipt for the same amount but from another customer earlier. I put the money gram through the machine so the customer got the receipt.

I let the customer know about the ATM machine in the store. The customer's wife mentioned that they would bring in money next time since our ATM machine charges for withdrawals which is the main reason I don't use that machine.:cool: