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red hot pegasus
08-10-2006, 02:58 PM
First off, I,d like to thank everyone who responded to my post.The suggestion of my being cross-trained wouldn't work in my store due to the nature of the business(closeout store).Iknow how to do everythihg except furniture(they would rather have the guys do it) and managerial duties.

On the night my shift was shortened, Iasked the MID why corporate would cut hours when it was a busy weekend(no sales tax weekend in SC)? She replied that it wasn't so much coporate cutting hours as it was to the way our store manager does the schedule(he's always going over hours by at least 5-10hrs/wk.I've heard this since Itransfeered here in March). Our SM likes to make out the schedule so he can have certain ones help unload the truckand put the freight out.By the way we only get a general freight truck once a week.He doesn't seem to care if there's enough people straightening up the store or having enough cashiers on;the only thing that matters to him is getting the freight out. In other words, he's a real control freak about the schedule being donr the right way,i.e.HIS WAY.I asked the MOD if all the other managers could get together and apprroach SM about him allowing the others to do the schedule.She said they had already tried it and he refused to let them do it.The other managers have also gone to our DM about this.She talked to him about it but he didn't listen.Our DM has her hands full with a total of 15 stores,some of which are in real bad shape.Hopefuuly he'll see the error of his ways someday.