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Casino Jockey
09-22-2007, 01:26 PM
when you come to a casino Please follow these rules to have an enjoyable experience, and to stop me grabbing your hand when you put money down and pulling you face first into the bulletproof glass in front of me.

1) CHIP UP! this is the most annoying thing for me. don't come up with 4 different denominations of chips that come to an amount that fewer chips could be used for. for example i have had customers come up with 30 or so chips in multiple colors that made exactly $100. it's gonna take me 5 times as long to lay out all your chips, check them (if i'm unsure i'll get the other cashier to check them or "double me"). if you have a $100 chip all i need to do is UV light scan it and than pay it. much easier.

2) do not reach under the glass for your money. i am not allowed to place anything into your hand. This is security. some people reach so far under they are almost touching me.. don't.

3) don't attempt to hand me things ether. i can't take money out of your hand for the same reason i can't put money in your hand.

4) don't bitch about the lines. I am allowed to be $9.95 off at the end of a shift, or i get a write up. i am going to take my time and get things right. besides most lines are weekends when we are real busy.

5) when i am slot machine attending do not attempt to get my attention by:
waving.. because i will wave back
whistling - i am not a dog
doing the come here finger motion... i'm not at your beck and call, as 9 times out of 10 i'm already in the middle of something and your lost $1 is on the list to get done eventually.
and DO NOT POKE, GRAB OR TOUCH ME. i have a form of autism called aspberger's syndrome. touching me at the wrong time could be a risk to your health, by job and possibly my freedom.

09-23-2007, 02:17 AM
Hey! Hey you! <whistle> :wave:

hey, why won't you come heeeelllllp meeeee? :cry: