View Full Version : Running on fumes yesterday - Among other things

Retail's Bitch
08-11-2006, 03:29 PM
I woke up yesterday feeling like ass... No pep, no drive, nauseous, dizzy... Just blah... I grabbed a pack of gravol out of the bathroom and popped 3.

I shower, get dressed, get on the bus to go to work. A few hours pass and my stomach is still not settling down, so I pop 3 more.

A few more hours pass, my stomach's fine but I feel like curling up in a ball on the chairs in the waiting room and having a nap... Not good...

So I drag my ass to pharmacy and grab a packet of caffeine pills. Pop 2 of those. It takes awhile to kick in, but once it does - boy was I zippy. LOL fastest typist in the land. I should have taken caffeine pills in highschool before our typing tests. Who's your favourite NOW Ms.Florakas?! EH?

Then my 1:30 shows up and starts vetoeing EVERY pose I shoot. These gorgeous shots of the kids smiling and looking at the camera.
"Nope. Try again." Keep in mind I go to lunch at 2.

"Are you sure? If we say no, it's gone..."

"Yep, try again."

Deleted, and the baby starts bawling...

"Aww shit... Can we get that other one back?"


"Well shit. Try again I guess."

Kid calms down and we get another perfect shot. "Nope."

Lather rinse repeat this scenario until we get a photo that she's 'okay' with. The kids are flustered and frustrated and not smiling anymore and she's 'settling'.

Then we shoot the 6 additionals. I get the kids to smile and we go to the sales computer. It's now 1:55 and I have two passport photos waiting. I shoot the passports while I'm waiting for Mum and grandma to come in and look at the photos on the sales computer. The passport customers want 4 pictures of each of them. Which will take more than 10 minutes.. *SIGH*

So I snap off the photos and tell them it'll be a minute, and I start going through the portraits with the mother while the passports print. This is when the fun begins. As she hems and haws and moans the clock and my lunch hour ticks by and I cut the passport photos.

"Maybe I'll get this one... No... I'll.. I'll get this one... Maybe... No.. I'll..."

The grandmother's response. "Holy cow, it's 2:20.. We've been here quite awhile!"

Mum ignores her and continues on her indecisive bullshit. I don't get a chance to cut, stamp and get all the passports done, get her out of my studio, until 2:45!!!! I'm shaking so bad at this point. Probably partly to do with the caffeine but large in part to her and the fact that I used up my entire lunch hour for a stupid woman such as her self. I do the only thing you can do with 15 minutes...

RB who doesn't smoke and hates smoking and the smell and the grossness of it. Goes out and chain smokes 2 cigarettes. The shaking subsides, RB mellows out and finishes off the shift with gravol, caffeine and nicotine coursing through her veins... It made for an interesting 4 hours. Speedy Gonzales I was. Mind you my brain wasn't behaving 100% I overcharged one woman, by charging her for two portrait samplers. I apologized and told her the gist of my day. She was very sympathetic and said she hoped my day would get better. Then for some reason when I tallied up at the end of the night, I had more debits than what the computer POS said I did, and less money than the computer said. But once I subtracted one from the other, I was only over 29 cents.

I went home afterwards, locked myself in the bedroom for an hour with some incense burning and meditated. Got all the week's shit out of my system. It was great.