View Full Version : I thought I knew boredom

08-12-2006, 06:43 AM
I was running the projection booth at work today, and everything was going ok at first.
Then the number 6 projector decided to not read the first tab that puts down the lights and turns on the bulb. Not a big deal, I only have to press one button to simulate the tab running through. Uh oh, button doesn't work for some reason. I hit stop. I didn't notice that the platter system tightened up and caused the bottom roller to become misaligned. I fiddle with some stuff. Try and restart it. Stop it again. Bottom roller becomes VERY misaligned. I fiddle more, restart. Film comes off bottom roller, snaps up, and starts rubbing around the corner of the projector rather than going under as it is supposed to. Finally get this all sorted out, get it started fine, then I notice the trailer that had gone through already was kinda munched. Great, now I have to worry when I start it the next time. (Turned out fine eventually though.)

Go on my break, come back, check all the projectors to make sure they are running ok. It's a good thing I did, 'cause the payout platter on number 8 had slowed to an almost stop. There is no way to fix it while the movie is running, and it had 40 minutes left. I got to spend 25 minutes sitting by the projector hand spinning the platter so the film wouldn't wrap up and cause a stoppage. Luckily the manager took over for the last 15 so I could go do other work.

That was some of the most time I have ever spent on the job. :sleep: