View Full Version : Guess what I got today?

08-15-2006, 04:19 AM
So I come into work today, and open my mailbox to cash in. There's a piece of paper in it, so my first thought is "oh s***, what'd I do?" But, since I've been working there for almost a year and a half, they figured it was about time to give me my job description. It's actually pretty good reading, a hilarious reminder of the stupid rules you ignore. For example:

You must enter the building through the auto service doors only

Okay, I follow this one because the employee parking lot is closer to the auto service doors. But if I go to Tim's (the other way) for lunch... screw that. I don't get the logic behind this one... I don't think there is any. Perhaps it is just another way of telling us that we're not good enough to go through the main customer doors.

When you open your checkout, you should make sure your checkout area is clean and ready for you to work in

Yeah... right... I don't have time to clean my checkout before I get mobbed on most days.

When you are waiting for payment you should ask the customer if they will be using the (store name) Options Mastercard

Not. Gonna. Happen.

The only time you may leave your checkout is if you need to order money, take your break when told, or if the manager/supervisor on has requested you do a different task for them

Rrrrrrrright... so we can't do rainchecks or propane exchanges, no matter how dead it is and how much coverage there is (we always have at least two cashiers open, usually three to seven).

Some tasks you may be asked to do include: Emptying garbage, sweeping the checkouts, filling bags, filling the soft drink cooler, filling chocolate bars, putting away stock that has been built up at the checkouts or from behind customer service. Any of these tasks must be done quickly and completely and only at the request of a manager or supervisor.

Hooray for more micromanagement! All of these, with the exception of bags and chocolate bars are done on a daily basis. I know what I'm doing and have the judgement to know when to do it. Furthermore, how do the managers and supervisors who are not at the checkouts know when we need more bags? Can't we just do our jobs without needing a manager to tell us to?

I have a feeling either this will be ignored, or work will start sucking more.