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08-17-2006, 10:32 PM
I was going to post about if I owned my own store, but realized most of my rules are really fantasy things I'd like to scream at certain SC's.

I work at a cell phone store, and we are also a repair center. Therefore, we get all kinds here. I thought up a little list while smoking the other day, and thought I'd share. I know I'm not the only cellular slave on this board.

Rule #1: I don't care how important you THINK you are, we will treat you the same damn way as everyone else
Telling us "I run a BUSINESS on my phone! I am losing thousands of dollars as we speak!" makes me want to giggle. Seriously, EVERYBODY says that to us when they find out we cannot fix their phone for whatever reason. Usually, the reason is that we don't have the parts in stock. We're the only repair store in the area right now, so on a given day, we're pretty well OUT of everything.

"I NEED THIS PHONE!" No, really, you don't. If I took it away from you, you would probably cry like a baby, but you wouldn't die. So you don't "need" it. You NEED food and water. You NEED shelter. You do not NEED your stupid cell phone.

Rule #2: If the phone is so important, why not take care of it?
Guess what? That phone you paid 50 bucks for? Full-retail cost on that sucker is $200. So if you're too cheap to spring for insurance, and you lose it/break it/it gets stolen you are S.O.L. You gotta cough up full-retail. So here's an idea: TAKE CARE OF YOUR PHONE. You wouldn't drive your extra-spiffy Ford Taurus into walls and say "oops" then get pissed when the Ford dealership won't fix it for free or give you a new car. If your car gets stolen, and you don't have insurance, nobody gives you a new one. So take care of your phone.

Rule #3: Pens and paper still exist.
WRITE down these phone numbers that you just absolutely HAVE to HAVE or your boss will kill you with a bic pen. Otherwise, when you lose the phone, or the SIM card is completely wrecked, and those super-valuable phone numbers are LONG GONE, I don't have to hear the explosion of idiocy in my store.

It's just three rules. But these three rules would make our lives SO much better if people followed them.

08-17-2006, 10:59 PM
:salute: Bravo! well put!

Don't think the example on the secone one will work though. They might not run it into a wall, but they will be in an accident talking on their phone. Then think that ford should reimburse them for not making a car that stand up to being hit by a truck.

08-18-2006, 06:39 PM
"I run a BUSINESS on my phone! I am losing thousands of dollars as we speak!"

That one always get me. If having a phone is so vital that it's absence for 30 seconds will cost you thousand of dollars, then investing $200 in a backup phone would be a simple and cost-effective way to make sure you don't continue to lose thousands of dollars.

Pointing that out might be fun. :devil: