View Full Version : What have I been doing?

08-18-2006, 12:20 AM
Well for university credits, I had to volunteer at a place for a month. I ended up at a science exploratorium, mostly in this outside game area. Never have I been more amused at the absurdity of the human race.

1. They had people pay for a game. In the game you use transmitters, which are basically fancy stupid wands. Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? Many of the adults handed them over to junior. While I'm sure the ten year old can handle it, the four year old cannot. The sheer number of injuries plus attempted damage of property proved how bad the idea was.

2. Waving the transmitter about an inch from my nose and yelling at me that "This doesn't work!" neither tells me what the problem is nor does it make me want to help you. It does make me want to yank it out of your hand and toss it onto the freeway nearby.

3. Kid asked me if I worked here and then laughed (had a polo with the company logo on it). After the second time, I snapped, "No, I stole this shirt and they don't know I'm out here." It really did feel good to say something for once, and for the kid to make a fish mouth look, but then he walked away.

4. Ah, the freedom of speech. People please don't use it all at once. I actually had to say, "WAIT! One question. At. A. Time. You first." Again, never got in trouble, people actually shut up and asked their questions one at a time. I will probably never get to do that again. :D

5. Whining about the heat to the volunteer who's been standing in it for five hours already will garner you no pity. She doesn't feel for you. She wants you to take over for her and she can go hide inside the air conditioned building.

6. Yes I am a dinosaur nerd. Not ashamed to admit it! I do apologize for say the words correctly. I can't help it, I have to be right. I was subtle though. "I'm looking for the crustacean climb area?" "Yes, the cretaceous climb is over here." At least I'm not a bitch about it. :lol:

7. Some volunteers made me want to kill them. Because a few of us were college students, we were in charge of the younger high school volunteers. I'm starting this by saying some of them were wonderful, helpful, and did whatever I asked them to do. The rest? They broke items, disappeared, huddled in groups of five (yeah that doesn't look intimidating to a ten year old...did I mention they were all in black?), and would try to tell me what to do. Aw, the young and stupid. To make this short (too late!) I always won.

8. Last but not least, some kids were adorable. I loved the ones who came up to me and told me how cool the dinosaurs are. And the one who drew me a picture of a triceratops and wrote "To Kuzco" on it. I still have it. You kids made up for the other bad things.

So that was my month. :wave: But enough about me, how have you been?