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08-19-2006, 08:49 AM
My girlfriend (I will call her Bee) lost her wallet a while back and so was forced to go through the painful process of canceling all of her credit cards, driver’s license, etc.

All was going pretty well, Bee had cancelled her major credit cards, the big fat VISA the MC, and the AMX had all been successfully cancelled without incident or too much fuss. Finally the only credit card left to cancel was her seldom-used Discover card.

Bee dials the 800 number to cancel the Discover card and soon is connected to a lovely woman with a thick accent, possibly Indian, who is delighted to help her but is very curious about how she lost the card. Bee explains politely to the lady that she doesn’t know how she lost her card, but she would be very grateful if they could kindly cancel it anyway. The operator agrees to assist Bee in this and after a few minutes announces to bee that the card has been successfully cancelled. The operator concludes her conversation with one last query to Bee “ So, you don’t know how you lost your card?” the operator asks. Bee, who has spent all day on the phone dealing with this mess, is a little annoyed at this point and her fiery creative spirit takes over.
You know, I wasn’t really going to talk about it to anyone, but since you were so insistent, I will tell you what happened. I was sitting at home one night drinking a little wine and watching Wheel of Fortune on TV. Next thing I know there is a beam of light and I am abducted by space aliens. Now, I know for a fact I had my wallet next to me on the couch before they beamed me up, and do you know, when those bastards brought me back they kept my wallet! They are running around charging all over the galaxy now with my credit cards!
“Oh, I see,” says the operator. “That is very interesting, goodbye.”

08-19-2006, 10:07 AM
They are running around charging all over the galaxy now with my credit cards!
“Oh, I see,” says the operator. “That is very interesting, goodbye.”

:roll: :lol: Guess she wasn't really interested after all. I'm glad I had just swallowed, I have never been so close to violating rule 1 :spew: .

08-19-2006, 12:05 PM
OMG that's funny:lol:

I had to call the bank last year and cancel my mom's check card b/c her truck had been broken into and her card was gone (it was in her cigarette pouch, which was taken.)

While Mom was outside checking to see what else was missing, I called the customer service line for the bank and in just a few minutes had turned her missing card off and double checked to make sure that no unauthorized purchases were made (there hadn't been.)

I did have to give Mom the phone so she could give her info so they could FedEx her new card to her. She had her card the very next day. No trouble at all. The rep we spoke with was very understanding and helpful to boot.

Luckily for us, we haven't had any further problems;)