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08-24-2006, 05:42 AM
This is my first time working at a liquor store and I actually like it. There isn't really much to do, besides cashier work, counts, facing, and putting out stock/displays. But tonight was my third day and we had the weirdest guy at around 8pm. He was wandering around on the floor, amongst the (what seems to be millions to me) of wine bottles, looking at every single one. Then a few more customers came in, so I had to avert my attention from the weirdo and help these people at the cash register. After they were gone I kind of forgot about weirdo, since I was having a little bit of a conversation with one of the customers. But anyway, move forwards about 5 minutes and I'm facing wine bottles and vodka/rum/rye/etc on one of the walls and I'm thinking to myself "why is it so quiet in here?" and "where did that weirdo go?". So I walk into the backroom where we keep all the pallets and backstock and lo and behold I find Mr. Weirdo in the back by the beer! He says he's looking for boxes of wine, which we only keep by the front. So I usher him towards that area, but he eventually gets bored of it for some reason and wanders out into the parking lot. Good riddance, weirdo. I told the girl working with me tonight about the weirdo, and she also saw him around, and told me if I ever see him again, to tell him to leave since he's been known to steal. Yay. Interesting and long night for me tonight. Time to kick back and enjoy my Smirnoff coolers. :D

If a mod is freaked by the wall of text, please edit it. I'm already half sloshed and can't be bothered to try that hard ;)

Mr. Rude
08-24-2006, 08:41 AM
*Twilight zone music* Yeahhh...Just checking for boxes of wine....

08-25-2006, 11:51 AM
And THAT is why they pay you full wages for a job that's otherwise easy. Congrats, you are officially on the Wierdo Patrol.