View Full Version : Best Line I've Heard All Day(Little Long)

08-26-2006, 03:45 AM
At my company, when a customer has a problem with their appliance, the customer has to call an 800 number for service. We do not do service in house nor do we employ technicians.

Well, we had a customer call today because she needed someone to service her fridge. One of my managers was unlucky enough to have to deal with her. We found out that she had called us already, we gave her the number, then the fun started.

She is 83.
She called the service co. already
She found out they are based in Texas.
She decided the were incapable of helping her. (They contract locally)

So she calls us and wants us to set up service with someone closer.
As we are trying to gather all of her personal info to alert the service center, my manager is asking her alot of question; name,number,address.
Mind you, we will call the exact same place she did.:wave:

(Trust me it's worth it)
Then it came....

"Ma'am, I can't help you, if you don't know where you live." :roll:

epilogue- She got her service and she was happy.