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02-02-2008, 06:05 AM
Got another story about my WONDERFUL job at Mickey D's.

Me: Me.
SM1: Shift manager 1.
SM2: Shift manager 2.
SM3: Shift manager 3.
GM: General manager.

At McDonald's, our work week starts on Wednesday. Last week, I came in on Tuesday(the day before the new week starts) to get the new schedule, which I wrote down on an index card like I always do. For Friday, the schedule had me working 3pm-9pm. So on Friday, I come in at 3pm. When I get there, I walk to the back to hang up my jacket. As I walked passed the office I heard GM say "There's Terry". So I hang up my jacket and go back the other way to start my day and GM and SM1 walk out of the office. We make eye contact and a conversation was initiated:

SM1: Terry, did you know that you're an hour late?
Me: Huh? I don't know how I can be an hour late, the schedule had me come in at 3.
SM1: No, it has you down for 2. It's okay this time, but it's going to be on you. Go ahead and clock in and work on the grill.
Me(thinking to myself): Oh sure, it's going to be on me.:rolleyes: You wanna bet?

So I clock in and start my shift on the grill. After 15 minutes, I had everything caught up, so I went to the front to check to see what the schedule had me down for. It said 2pm-7pm. So, SUPPOSEDLY I was an hour late, but I KNEW I wrote down the right schedule on my index card because I always double check the hours before moving to the next day. This definitely was NOT the schedule I wrote down.

I wondered to myself if the schedule was in the crew room, where it usually is. So I walk back there and I find it. I checked the day and the hours and it said for 3pm-9pm(Which I'll explain in a moment). So I walk back to the grill and saw SM1 making some food for some orders and I told her that the schedule I wrote down was in the crew room and that it had me down for 3pm-9pm. Her response: "Hmmmm, I don't know".

So the day goes on, SM1 goes home, and SM2 and SM3 come in. SM3 is the shift manager from the previous incident. SM2 sees the note that I was late and comes over to ask me about it.

SM2: Terry, was you late today?
Me: Well, supposedly, but someone must have reprinted the schedule because the original one that I wrote down is back in the crew room.
SM2: Ah, alright. Well, it's not really your fault then.

Well, apparently when you're late(not the occasional few minutes late that you can usually get away with), you receive a written warning. Well later SM2 comes over with a piece of paper.

SM2: Terry, do you intimidate people?
Me(wondering why he asked me that): Hmmm, actually, I think I do. Not sure why though.
SM2: Well, SM3 needs you to sign this.

It was a written warning for being late. I had already told him about the schedule, and I wondered why he didn't tell SM3 that it wasn't my fault. I could understand why SM3 didn't want to do it herself though. We've actually been getting along pretty good though.

And for the good part(:D):

Me: I'm not signing it, and this definitely isn't going into my file.

I tear the paper up and throw it into the trash.

SM2: Why did you do that?
Terry: It's what would have happened anyway.
SM2: Ya, but now I gotta go tell SM3, and she's going to get mad.
Terry: Let me show you something.

Me and SM2 walk over to the schedule and I point to a statement at the bottom of the schedule. I don't know exactly how it goes, but it states that the schedule is a LEGAL document and cannot be duplicated or reproduced without the written authorization of a corporate McDonald's officer. Even when I first started working there, SM3 had told me that the schedule was a legal document.

Me: As you can see, I can't be held responsible for me being "late" today.
SM2: Well, okay, but I still have to tell SM3(she's the one who was filling it out).

In the final hour of my shift, I actually did work with SM3 and she didn't seem upset with me at all. She told me that GM reprinted the schedule, but for some reason, the hours wasn't the same. I told her I'm going to start checking the schedule more often. I'm glad that I'm getting along with SM3 again. I think she's being more open to what I have to say.

I'm 22 years old, but I wish that the managers would stop thinking of me as a whiny young person who's just complains just to complain. When I make a complaint or give an explanation, it's because I want the business to operate more smoothly. So many problems can be avoided if managers would just take the time to fix the actual problem instead of thinking the person making the complaint/explanation is just being a hassle. Of course, in most restaurant businesses today, especially fast food, a lot of people become a manager simply because of their superior functional skills, but a lot of times without superior problem solving skills that involve employee situations. The result is you get people with bad attitudes moving up the ladder, and of course, this results in them wreaking havoc and being an asshole towards their subordinates. Of course...............that's my opinion.:)

02-04-2008, 02:02 AM
Sounds fishy.

Whenever someone switches their overtime or gives it to someone else, we ALL get a new schedule for overtime. A waste of paper? Yes, but we have to get a new one whenever a change is made, even if it doesn't pertain to anyone else, just so that no one will forget to come in and do their glorious overtime.

02-05-2008, 02:59 AM
I'm really only working there because it's close to home. While I was unemployed, my car broke down and I didn't have enough money to get it fixed, so I needed a place that was close to home. Even though my mom's been giving me a ride, it's close enough that if I needed to walk, I could. I should have enough money to get my car fixed very soon though and I'll be SO happy when I do. It makes me sad every time I see my poor Camaro sitting out in the driveway knowing I can't drive it.:(

02-10-2008, 11:20 PM
Oh man, I would suggest that next week you ask for your very own copy of the schedule for your files.

This! My boss hangs up 20+ copies of the schedule so that everybody can take one home - but if extra copies aren't there, I make sure to copy it and hang the original back up. Thankfully, my current boss goes out of his way to make sure people know if the schedule is changed after it's been posted.

You have no idea how many times this has saved my ass with shady managers. There's nothing quite like saying "I wasn't late according to this" and shoving a copy of their own schedule in their face! :angel:

When I last worked at Papa John's, you could tell the computer to print a copy of your schedule - it would spit it out on the driver or credit card printer (depending on which one was actually working that year), along with the time/date it was printed. That's what saved my ass, I made damn sure to print my copy the day it was posted.