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02-07-2008, 02:15 AM
Kinda long...the crux of the matter is in red, if you don't want to read all the other stuff.

So, I have been in my new job for about 2 months (half-days or less for most of December, and full time since December 27). So I'm still learning. Review time comes up in April at my company, which means I will have to do my self-evaluation in the next month or so. My boss told me he wants me to think about goals for 2008 (both short- and long-term). I hate self-evaluations. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. The short-term things are easier, since there's a lot of stuff I need to learn, but the long-term is harder.

I know I posted about my job a few times but I'm not sure I really explained what it is I do. (Well, I'm pretty sure I didn't since I don't really know how to explain it).

My title is Merchandise Control Analyst (for B&N Distribution). It is in the Finance department (but not the accounts payable/receivable or accounting side of things. My actual department is only 4 people, including my boss).

The job description I got, which, admittedly, isn't that enlightening:

A. Purpose of Position:
To provide reporting/analysis to manage the day to day operations of the distribution center

B. Accountabilities:
The position is accountable for providing accurate and timely reporting and analysis for the Director of Merchandise Control and his/her designates.

C. Major or Unusual Problems:
A breadth of knowledge of distribution center operations is required to be successful in this role. The working environment is fast paced and ever-changing. The ability to manage multiple assignments is a must.

Some parts of my job are fairly structured. Mondays have specific reports that need to be run, and they take up a good part of the day. The first week of the fiscal month is also fairly filled up all week (though I'm not doing everything that I will be doing once I really get into things. They are revising the "to-do and who-does-it" list and they haven't finished discussing it yet.) I am also waiting for a second computer (my boss and the other guy have 2 each, which they switch back and forth on one monitor); we do a lot in Access and it slows down the rest of the computer, so it's difficult to do much else while things are running. This is the first week of the fiscal year, so hopefully in the next month they will get that done. I am also not completely set up with all the permissions and applications I will need.

My boss has told me that he expects there to be a "learning curve"; last week in our weekly meeting (sort of a "whatever I want to talk about" meeting) he told me "You're doing fine, just so you know" which was nice to hear. :)

So anyway, to make a long ramble short, any advice on self-evaluations and goal setting?

Short term is easier; I have a lot of computer skills I need to learn (especially MS Access); also a lot of things about the operations and goings on and whatnot that I have to kind of just see/do and absorb. Can't really learn that stuff from a book.


The company's official Self-Evaluation form:

Review your job performance as it relates to your job description and the goals that were set for Fiscal 200_ at the beginning of the year.
Identify specific examples of significant accomplishments and areas of needed improvement.

Significant Accomplishments:

Progress Toward Goals:

Developmental Needs:

My other problem is that my goals that were set last year were for a completely different job. Other than my own personal (unwritten, of course) goal of getting out of said job ;).

cinema guy
02-07-2008, 02:00 PM
I too hate self-evaluation. I'm usually pretty modest and the manager doing the evaluation will usually revise my self-opinions upwards. :D

My long term goals have usually been, 'get another job'.

The cinema used to have a question on their evalaution that asked whether you could operate a torch (flashlight to our colonial friends). :rolleyes:

02-07-2008, 02:58 PM
They sprung the self-eval on me as well. I think they'll be a little surprised with my answer. :p I should probably explain. This is the first job where I will have an actual evaluation. The only jobs I've ever worked at for over a year were my first security job and my last one. That's it...that's all. Therefore, they asked me to...

- Note 5 different aspects of my job, define them, then state how confident I felt in my performance with them.
- Go through 8 different statistics that they felt made you a good tech support agent. Rate how you feel you are, then provide examples.

That's about all I remember there, but I deliberately gave myself 5/5 stars on everything. Why? Because they're going to have to prove it wrong, not me. :lol: And I know what you're thinking..."Yeah, maybe...but you're going to have to prove it RIGHT." Hey that's fine. I've interviewed enough with much higher level clients than them that putting me on the spot is what I expect and I'm ready to not only defend myself, but provide even better examples than those cited by me already.

What I'm worried about is losing my head if they say something unprofessional or what I consider to be a low blow. That's why over the past week or so, I've been obsessed with it a little bit. Remember, I've NEVER had a review, so I really don't know what to expect. I'm just worried they'll say I'm lazy. Look, I understand I'm sitting here, browsing websites, listening to music, playing my DS, joking around with my coworkers, and sending my coworkers funny links.

Yes, I understand that. I also understand that that's along with the fact that my stats are impressive, even compared to more experienced agents and that's primarily due in part that I'm an AWESOME multitasker. My ADHD causes me to pretty much ALWAYS have to be doing SOMETHING. If I'm not doing something...anything...I will get idle, and that's never a good thing. I've learned that if a job won't keep me busy, I have to keep MYSELF busy.

To give you examples of what I mean as far as self-eval stats...



The only example I can think of here was when I had traded a day with CW and I honestly forgot to come in on her day. As soon as I learned of the error, I immediately approached M and relayed the details, knowing full well I'd likely get in trouble. I take pride in my integrity and truthfulness.