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02-20-2008, 05:29 PM
Back in the day (figure, about 2 years ago), when the Nightmare Before Christmas came out in theatres in 3-D I had this awesome idea.

Being a huge fan of the movie, I had aquired a Jack Skellington costume from a halloween store a year or two prior and thought that it would be kinda cool to help promote the film at our theatre. Needless to say, i have since outgrown the costume.

After talking to the managers, they were trilled at the idea. All I had to do was write a letter to home office about it. Simple. I wrote the letter and sent it off. Home office loved the idea and agreed to let me dress up and hand out screen t-shirts that we had come across (t-shirts with a picture of Jack and Sally on it which promoted the new 3-d technology screen we had).

So the night came to have my fun. I changed and stood by the theatre, kinda out of sight, and waited for people to pass or go into the theatre, handing out shirts as they entered.

The kicker, since most people couldn't see me till they walked past me, they were generally freaked out (in a good way. youknow, funhouse stuff). Some people even came up asking for pictures. So it was all good, fun times and what not.

One gem from the night was when a family of 4 passed by with their two young sons. I was leaning motionless against a wall when they walked past. When I saw them looking at me, I moved from my postion kinda quickly. The parents got a kick out of it, but it scared the bejesus out of the two little boys (like 5-6 years old).

I felt kinda bad but the parents assured me that it was alright and it was all in good fun.

While I did have a good time, you have to remember that those latex masks can trap heat increadibly well. After about an hour, which was how long i stood there handing out shirts, i was roasting.

Not much of a story, but just a little something to share.