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02-20-2008, 07:32 PM
So I've been away for a while, I apologize, I just kinda needed to get away from the work thing, and really didn't feel like chronicling this till now. So if the title is too hard to decipher, Toys R' Us dropped me like a bad habit. I know...I was shocked too.

So I come to work one Friday, a bit unnerved because I wasn't on the schedule the next week, but was assured that the Manager was still working on it, and that it was likely I would be told soon. I work till closing, the Manager already having gone home. I ask when the best time would be to call tomorrow blah blah, and get handed a letter, the letter states that I have been offered a job at Toys R' US!

...In October...

So that was about a month and a half ago, and I had been taking it somewhat easy since then. Bitter? Me? Noooo...

So anyway I'm about to start my Job Hunt again, and I will be posting any and all news updates in this thread. This will be the only thread I will make on the topic. So lets starts off with the first!

About three days ago I applied at Best Buy...Again. I actually got called yesterday, I got the interview, and went in today. It was pretty good (aside for the waiting 40 minutes to start). That is until the girl said that the job she really needed filled started at 6am.

6am... This is already bad. I honestly refuse to believe a 6am exists.

Fine, whatever. I COULD do 6am if I really had to, I wouldn't be happy, but whatever right? But there is the transportation problem. I don't drive, and at 6am, the person who would be giving me a lift to work would be out on his paper route, and unable to take me. I tell her this... She seems pleasant enough, and tells me there are other positions open, and she'll talk to the manager or whoever about it. Honestly I don't have a whole lot of faith. But it's a start.

So begins Job Hunt: THE RETURN!

02-20-2008, 07:57 PM
Ugh, I worked at Best Buy for about a week. It was a brand new store, it wasn't even open yet, we were getting it ready for opening. Yeah, I kind of balked at the 6am thing too! I was one of the few employees who wasn't in high school or college, so I was pretty much scheduled 6am-2pm every day. And I don't drive either.

But the biggest problem for me was being quiet and a bit of a loner. I concentrated on my work, but actually got a talking-to from my manager, who was concerned that I wasn't socializing enough with my co-workers and just being too quiet in general. He suggested that maybe I should think of transferring to a position in the back, instead of out on the main floor, where I was hired to work. I think they were concerned that I wouldn't be outgoing and friendly enough to deal with customers and be a good salesperson. Which may have been true. So, I just quit. If they couldn't appreciate how hard I was working and only focused on the fact that I wasn't being loud and obnoxious like everyone else, too bad.

God, they forced us to play these really stupid games every morning. Everyone else was so chipper. I definetly did NOT fit in there, not by a long shot LOL But I wish the best of luck to you!

03-24-2008, 03:39 AM
Okay sorry for letting this go so long without an update, but that is to say there wasn't much to update anyway... But here we go step by step.

Best Buy? Bust...Haven't heard a word from them since the interview, didn't expect too so whatever. So about... two weeks ago...ish I applied at Blockbuster Videos and Staples... I waited a couple days and called them up starting with Blockbuster (as I'd rather work there than Staples.)


Assistant Manager(I guess): "Blockbuster (Town name) this is (Name)"

Me: "Hi is the Manager there?"

AM: "Well I'm the manager for today, what can I do for you?"

Me: "Oh well I applied there about a few days ago, I was wondering how that was coming."

AM: "Oh well you'll need the store manager, he'll be back on Wednesday at around 5."

Me: "Alright thank you very much."

So I call Staples.

Insert annoying Hold music here...

Employee: "Thank you for calling Staples (Town Here) this is (Name)."

Me: "Hi is the manager there?"

E: "Hold on."

More annoying Hold Music.

Manager: "Hello this is (Name) how can I help you?"

My blood turns to ice... I recognize that voice. Thats... Thats the Manager of Radio Shack, the one that was Manager when I first started! Oh god I hate this man...He's completely incompetent!

Me: "Uh...H-Hi I applied there a couple days ago I was wonder-

Old Manager: "Is there something wrong with the phone I cannot hear you?"

Me: Grit teeth, remembering how hard it is talking to this man on the phone, slightly louder and more clear "Hi I applied there a couple days ago... I was-

OM: "No thats handled by the General Manager, he will call you."

Me: "Okay...thanks." Hang up and shudder.

So the on Wednesday, who would call me but the GM of Staples... YAY! Uhg... I talk to him, begrudgingly, and set up an interview on the 24th... I then wait till five, and call up Blockbuster, and set up an interview the next day, Thursday.

The interview at Blockbuster is FANTASTIC. The man all but hires me. He talks about putting me on the schedule the following week, what hours I will be doing. He tells me flat out when my background check comes back he's gonna call me back in and get me all signed into the system.

I have a job. Sweet.

But I still have the Staples interview tomorrow....Nng. Everyone tells me to cover my bases and go anyway... I know they're right. I just don't wanna work there, I applied there for the sake of applying since desperation is setting in. It's OFFICE supplies... And now I'll be working with my Radio Shack manager again? Ick.

So yay me! Hopefully I'll hang onto the job... cause if I don't..


03-24-2008, 08:14 AM
You should cover your bases anyway. If you do get hired on at both, you can always quit Staples.

03-25-2008, 07:13 AM
So today (or I guess yesterday at this point) I woke up an hour and a half before my interview... My alarm for reasons beyond comprehension did not go off... And I was so very not in the mood to do an interview...I just didn't have it in me...

So I called Blockbuster...

Good news, my background check cleared, come on in and sign the papers, and I'll be put in the papers...AWESOME. I call up Staples, tell them I've accepted anotyher offer, thanks for the opportunity, and I will be in touch if I am ever looking again in the future...

I go in...get my shirt, do all the really annoying paperwork, and I should be cleared and in the system in a couple days. He'll probably start me next week at the latest.

I am 100% officially employed.

Oh god....I'm employed...:cry:

03-25-2008, 03:25 PM
Congrats, I know it's been a rough road for you.
I hope you have found a home.

Andara Bledin
03-25-2008, 06:36 PM
Oh god....I'm employed...:cry:


and condolences.


cinema guy
03-26-2008, 07:02 PM
:cheers: Congratulations.