View Full Version : Is it a full moon?

08-30-2006, 03:11 AM
Yeah, yeah, I know that's a legend, but how else do you explain today?

Got to work (went in early to put in some OT), found my security badge missing. Grumbled, went to security desk to get temporary badge, got to desk a touch later than I liked. (My badge was found during the day by someone in another building, it's being interofficed to me, should arrive tomorrow.)

First call of the day is over twenty minutes of listening to a caller explaining that her ex's current wife (who, according to caller, is not in fact married to guy in question because caller is still allegedly married to him, although her descriptions were of common-law attachment, nothing formal) is forging hubby's name to documents to get ex off insurance, etc., committing identity theft against her, sending gangs to try to kill her, etc. (Believe me, I cannot possibly do this caller justice. I think some part of my mind is protecting itself by blocking some memories here.) Finally managed to soothe her off the phone, clutched head, said to myself, "This cannot be a good sign for my day".

It wasn't. At least half my calls today seemed to originate from the Twilight Zone. Some of the saner callers (mostly office staff) reported their patients were running about like my other callers, and other reps reported similar "fun" with callers yesterday and today.

The lowlight, I think, was the office that called about a claim. Not in system, caller civilly enough agreed to resubmit same. She also politely asked me to have the rep she'd spoken to several weeks before call her back. OK, fine, e-mail other rep with info. Get back e-mail from colleague within ten minutes. She'd made the call and gotten bitched out for calling *by the person who had asked for that call back*!!!! (About all I could do was profusely apologize to my colleague for all this.)

My evening agenda involves comedy DVDs, letting a nearby Chinese place make dinner, consumption of cake, and probably going to bed early.