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08-30-2006, 06:09 AM
Not sure If I have posted this before, if I have it was probably a few hacks back.

OK so I was made into an SC once. When I found out what I had to do I cringe.....o.k. we bought this program...it was version 5.0/5.5 or something anyways it was at LEAST 4-5 years old....and outdated now..I think they are up to version 9/1 now...anyways we have moved buildings quite a few times while I have been working for this business and along the way we lost a few things..INCLUDING the complete contents and CD of this program...GREEAT..but this was lost WELL before I was working there (though it didn't stop people looking at me as though I had lost it)...so yeah...I go to tell the boss that it's gone, and that means I can't install it onto my brand spanking new computer...BIG problem...he then told me to ring the company and ask for a new one...FREE!! WTF!! ummm NOOOO it doesn't WORK that way...but anyways he wouldn't let me get the newer version till we had asked the company for a new CD of our version for free, OR to see what else they could do (like giving us the NEW version for FREE!)...

I was MADE to call up a company and ask for a CD of a program which WE lost, to get a new CD for FREE then ask that if they didn't have that could we have the new one for FREE!...I went red in the face as I was asking....I put it into words that sounded like we REALLY just wanted to know what our options were..but it still sounded like I was trying to scam them....*sigh*...needless to say the guy on the phone sounded rather peeved and talked to a manager....said he would "look" for the version we had and "see" if they could get it to us....haven't heard from them since (it's been over a month now) and we ended up getting the new version anyways...but only AFTER I had made the call....ah..I'm going red just thinking about it...I should have refused to do it

Anyone else had that happen to them?? Been MADE to be an SC??

08-30-2006, 05:35 PM
There's nothing sucky about making a request because your boss is too chicken to make it himself. Politely making a request, even one you know in your heart won't be granted, isn't sucky. It's how you make it and how you handle being told "no" that counts.

I work at a software company and we get that same request so often, I have a standard set of scripts for it, depending on how the customer is acting and whether they try to argue.

I actually had one customer tell me it was her boss making her do it. She said, "Look. I feel like a fool for doing this, but my boss thinks you can replace five-year-old software we lost or give us a free update. If you say "no," he'll buy the update. He just insists I check."

I assume her boss wasn't listening in. :D

08-30-2006, 05:51 PM
I can't say I've ever been in that situation myself, but if I had, I'd make it clear that I wasn't asking for myself. I'd say something like, "My boss wanted me to ask if..."

08-30-2006, 10:38 PM
I have been in that situation before. Heck, yeah! blame it on the boss! I started out my request and the person on the other end started giving me alot of attitude almost immediately, so before he could get even snippier with me I just said, "Hey, look...management has specifically asked me to request this. Just give me an answer that I can take back to them." He got alot more polite after that.

08-31-2006, 12:09 AM
I recently brought a new cell phone via mail. as part of the deal, i was suposed to get a bluetooth headset. i recived the cell, but no headset. i called the cell company, (who is named after a number so the aussies would know who i am talking about) and spent 45 mins on the phone to them). they didn't have the phone in stock. they told me what i needed to do was to go there store, buy the headset and they would credit me the cost of the headset. i told them it wasn't good enough as the reason i brought via mail was because i couldn't get to a store. I ended up citing contract law (here in Australia, if they don't furful all there agreement, i can cancel the contract with no penalty, and not having a bluetooth headset counts.). they ended up sending me a more expensive headset free.

09-01-2006, 03:40 AM
Well, I've voluntarily been a sucky customer a few times, but I stand by my decision to do so. Don't recall having to be one on someone else's behalf for a job, though.

1. Probably the one that has gotten me the most local notoriety was when I successfully sued The State Newspaper here in town for refusing to respect my request to be removed from their do-not-call list. I'm sure they thought I was a crazy old whackjob right up to the point a judge in a courtroom awarded me a nice little bit of their money and chastised them in front of a room full of witnesses.

Hey, I might actually BE a crazy old whackjob, but I was a crazy old whackjob on the way to my bank with a check in my hand. A different paper actually wrote an article about me. :D

2. Went down to a Goodyear place here in town with a friend because they were bullying her. Said she owed them 500 bucks for repairs on her car...it might be noted that when she drove her car out of their lot after being "repaired" it died in the street in front of their garage. It hadn't been fixed at all. It's a bit of along story, but they claimed she'd told them the car ran better than ever, but she said no such thing. They were treating her very disrespectfully and in a downright hostile manner. She was very young, a single woman, and black. And I think these are the reasons they were trying to take advantage of her. Ended up in a big argument with the manager, who was threatening us and posturing aggressively, kicking doors and whatnot. It really was pretty unbelieveable. She ended up in tears, we left under the smirks of the asshole rednecks working there. We both ended up complaining the Goodyear corporate. And guess what? The happy ending is that she ended up not having to pay a dime.

I always really, really resent being pushed to this. Why can't people just be honest, play nice, and do what they are supposed to do? I would MUCH rather not be a bitch, honestly. But I'm not going to put up with friends being robbed in front of me, and I want to be left alone when I ask to be left along. Sheesh!:(

09-01-2006, 04:21 AM
Probably the one that has gotten me the most local notoriety was when I successfully sued The State Newspaper here in town for refusing to respect my request to be removed from their do-not-call list.

Maybe I'm reading that wrong, but you sued to be removed from their do-not-call list.... You wanted to be taken off their list of customers not to call?

09-02-2006, 04:55 AM
Okay, yeah, I fumbled that. I meant to say they refused to ADD me to their do not call list and would not remove me from their call lists.

I consider myself a privacy activist. As such, one of the things I expect out of people trying to market to me in my home, for instance, telemarketers, is for them to follow the laws that are in place for the protection of consumers, i.e. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (this was before the National Do Not Call Registry).

To put it simply, if I ask a telemarketer to please stop calling me, then the above law states that the telemarketer must honor that request for 10 years, and maintain paperwork showing same. The State Newspaper was not doing that.

I actually had dated documentation they sent me stating that I would not be called again. They were calling very aggressively, and ignoring my requests. This paper has the most agressive telemarketing tactics I have ever encountered. They called my senile grandmother no fewer than 4 times inside a one hour period one night while I was over there having supper with her, and called an elderly aunt every night for a week until I called them on her behalf and told them who I was (calls stopped after that. Imagine that.). They called me enough times after assuring me they would stop that the law considered it harrassment.

I built my case over the course of a year, and even that was after I'd been fed up enough before that to take further action than simply telling them to knock it off. They were relentless, and I have to think after seeing their treatment of the elderly, that how they harrassed me was merely the tip of the iceberg.

I would not have won if I couldn't prove harrassment. I sort of expected even to get laughed out of the courtroom. But I was trying to make a point, and as it turned out, I ended up doing just that.

09-02-2006, 02:36 PM
I remember having fun with a power company over here. They weren't calling multiple times an hour, but roughly two or three times a week they would phone up because the industry had just been privatised and they 'had a rep in the area to give' us lower prices.

Eventually, after many requests from me to get them to stop calling, I started inviting their reps around. I even told the phone canvasser that I was going to waste their rep's time, but since they got a sit bonus (salesman gets in, they get a bonus), they didn't care. The reps cared, what with them being self-employed and on commission only, and one of them even put me on the phone to their area manager who called me unprofessional.

That was an interesting call.

I got them down to calling once a month, which is more reasonable, but I wasted the time of four reps in the process.


Lace Neil Singer
09-02-2006, 08:14 PM
The time I raised hell in my local bank cuz they were ignoring me. *blushes* Honestly, they were; I'd been waiting for ages to talk to someone about the 30 they'd taken out of my account for no good reason... and they were deliberately ignoring me. So, I stood up and started yelling, "Don't flipping ignore me! I want my money back!" Result: they hustled me into an office and dealt with my complaint, putting the money back in my account and apologizing... but I think, only to get rid of the crazy lady. :lol:

09-03-2006, 03:20 AM
"They weren't calling multiple times an hour, but roughly two or three times a week they would phone up because the industry had just been privatised and they 'had a rep in the area to give' us lower prices."

My entire ass.

I wish I had a nickle for every time I've had this conversation with a telemarketer:

TM: We've got a truck in your area tomorrow and are williing to give you deal on (whatever) because we will already have an installer out there.

Me: Awesome. What area are we talking?

TM: Uh....

Me: I have more than one property. Which area is your man going to be working in?

TM: :confused: (long pause) Uh....well...I don't really know.

Me: Whadaya mean, you don't know? You just said you had a guy in my area. How do you know he's in my area if you don't even know where he is?

TM: Well....see, I'm just reading from a script, here. I dont' know how to answer your question.

Me: I see. So my very first contact with your company is in the form of an unsolicited call from a professional liar interrupting my supper.


Me: How about this: You go ahead and put me on your do not call list and never f:censored:ing call me again. That work for you?


Guess that counts as at least being sucky to someone working. Oh, well.

Mighty Girl
09-04-2006, 04:12 AM
Sure have. Very recently, in fact.

I called in a refill for my medication, won't go into details on what kind meds....:rolleyes: My doctor prescribed the meds, my insurance will allow me to refill my script 8 days before the 30 days are up. One of the pharmacists won't fill it until it's 3 or 4 days before the 30 days are up (did that make sense?). So, if he's the only actual "pharmacist" on duty, too bad so sad for me. I ended up getting on the phone with this guy and he was super condescending, told me to come in on a day when he's not working and someone else will refill it for me because he's not risking his license for me.

Excuse me?

While I'm sure there are those that abuse any system put in place, if my doctor wrote the script, and my insurance will allow it to be filled and they'll pay their part, then all he needs to do is put the pills in the little bottle and STFU. I'm not a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of person, I plan ahead, I'm not "spontaneous". And I like to pick up any and all prescriptions one week before they are needed. I would've made a great girl scout.

I've bitten my tongue for a couple of months because it wasn't a big deal, I could deal with a minor inconvenience. However, this time I needed my meds. I was going out of town and couldn't wait until the last freaking second to refill my script. Would he budge? Nope.

So I told them to suck it and I moved all my family's scripts to a competing pharmacy. And I sent a very polite but stern email to corporate. He clearly let his personal feelings interfere with his duties as a pharmacist, and for that he gets my one finger salute.;)

09-07-2006, 06:48 PM
Wasn't to me, but I was involved in this one.
Mom made a call to a pizza place that I used to order from regularly for delivery. (I would tip pretty well, I thought... I mean, a $12 order, and I'd give the delivery person a $20) Admittedly, I hadn't called in a while, cause I was out of a job.
Anyway, I had talked Mom into ordering pizza from them. I wanted my usual three cheese thin crust (Now, I can never remember if it's a three cheese or four cheese, but when I order, if I asked for the wrong one, the response was usually, "We don't have a three cheese, did you mean the four cheese?" or what have you.)
Mom called, went through the specials, got a person on the phone, and started to place her order.
"Yes, we need a medium three cheese thin crust, and a medium combination pizza."
Phone: "We don't have a three cheese pizza. And what kind of combination are you talking about? We have tons."
Mom hung up, told me the story, and we decided to eat scrambled eggs for dinner that night.
The guy had been extremely snotty when he responded to her, so she didn't feel like taking the time to order anything.
Hmm... bizarre, says I. But whatever.