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09-02-2006, 10:34 PM
I work an a hospital as some of you may alredy know. Just across the street is a chain durg store that does photo processing. On my way to work I stopped in and dropped off my photos. I decided to pick them up on my lunch break, I grab $20.00 out of my wallet and walked across the street to pick them up. The photos were a bit more than $20.00. I had a blank check in my pocket for the Avon lady when she came around so I asked the cashier if my photo name badge was enough ID and I knew my DL number. She looked at me and said it was ok.
Of couse she started off with how dumb it was to go anywhere without your ID and how she'd never do it. I reminded her that I work across the street and walked here. She replied,"well it dosen't make you exempt from the law because you just decided to walk here". I was kind of shocked, where the hell does she get off giving me greif about it. I ignore her and write the check. I hand her the check and she starts in again,"How do I even know this is you?" *points to photo ID badge* "How do I know that's even real? It's soo easy to fake those." I replied to her,"I asked you if it was ok, if you didn't want to do this transaction then you should have said so." She looked angry and then added,"Well my boss said I had to let people use their badges from the hospital as ID but I don't agree with it." I smiled, grabbed my bag and said,"Good for you".

I hate it when people feel the need to lecture you about crap, espceially people you don't even know. I guess I could take up the same hobby and tell my lung cancer patients to stop smoking, I'm sure that will go over well.

09-03-2006, 03:05 AM
Exempt from WHAT law? It's not illegal to walk around with no id. (somebody correct me if I"m wrong). She said it was okay, so she should shut her pie hole. Geez.

09-03-2006, 05:03 PM
You know, there are plenty of policies I don't agree with where I work. (Things like "be nice to the customers", and "don't swear at anyone" and "I don't care if you know where the funeral home is, you can NOT drive over there to DDT the director through the casket"...damn overbearing rules.) But the rules are rules, so as long as they aren't ridiculously stupid, I grin and bear it in the customer's face, and then once they're gone, I unleash Mighty Bitching on my boss.

Methinks this girl needs to do the same thing...

09-05-2006, 03:38 AM
please tell me that wasn't walgreens.......but then again....if it was, just elave me the name, and stuff, and i got some connections...j/k.

that was extremely rude of her. if she absolutely needed to see your I.D. to accept your check, then i would understand if she had said it wasn't enough, and she cannot process the transaction, but to go on like she did was uncalled for.

09-13-2006, 06:03 AM
Exempt from WHAT law? It's not illegal to walk around with no id. (somebody correct me if I"m wrong). She said it was okay, so she should shut her pie hole. Geez.
Actually, some states I believe do require all people over 18 to carry some form of ID at all times...it's a recent "Homeland Security"-type law... -.-

Ever closer to a "your papers please!" society.... -.-