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09-05-2006, 03:30 AM
So, a little background: I work in a store that sells "fragrant body care." We got an order for 250 giftsets that the store had to put together ourselves, instead of ordering premade gift baskets. We've had this order for a month, and the store manager says she's puttng a team together to do them. I volunteer to help.

So she schedules herself and me for two 8 hour shifts, yesterday and today (Labor day, time and a half!), and more people than usual, which I assume is the "team." She's also been talking about this for a month, so I assumed she did prep work for it.

Now, my story:

I show up on Sunday, heat gun in tow, to find out that I *am* the team. All of me has 2 days to do 250 giftsets, including finding a hand soap, body wash, and lotion combination in the same scents from stock.

The manager showed up once this morning to see if the opening manager had keys. This was before I got there, and all I heard about her in two days.

Anyway, the point of this was that the managers on duty basically said, "Good luck, the customer will be here Tuesday morning, get it done, but I can't spare people from the floor, sorry."

(Don't get me wrong, the managers weren't being insensitive; people were no call/no show-ing the whole weekend, and we were insanely busy.)

So I'm busting my butt, working through my breaks, thinking how dumb I am to have volunteered in the first place, and how if I had known it was to be MY project, I would have planned ahead, and AARGH! and panic.

*cue heavenly choir music*

My coworkers are angels. Every second they weren't busy, they would cut shrink wrap and ribbon, take price tags off, bring me soda and water, etc. They would also sneak off the floor for a few minutes and help me wrap an extra giftset.

Because of these wonderful people, I got done in the 16 allotted hours. They really saved me. I know some of you lurk here, so I hope you see this, because you all brushed off my thanks with "it was nothing." But it was so much more than "something."

09-05-2006, 04:58 PM
Great story!

See, you had a "team" after all! That is my true definition of team, your coworkers thought enough of you, to help you out without being assigned to, or, being asked to by you.

I personally don't trust big Corporations definition of "team". To me, it's a hollow gesture, (if that makes sense!) rather than where teams form naturally because of mutual respect amongst the workers.