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09-07-2006, 03:06 PM
I put this in Sightings because this person outed herself to me in one of our newspaper's letters to the editor. I'm paraphrasing for safety reasons, but basically, she wrote us to complain...

"How dare McDonalds charge me a dine-in tax?? This isn't even legal!! Everyone notice your receipt because they are SCAMMING US and I will be taking LEGAL ACTION!!"

She included the receipt, in case we "didn't believe her".

I swear, I insisted this HAD to be a joke letter. But the lady was totally serious. She was FURIOUS about the "extra tax". I just wanted to call her and ask her

A) if she wondered why there wasn't any OTHER tax on her receipt...
B) if she noticed what the "extra" tax was called when she went through the drive-thru or carried out.

I am BEGGING the editor to respond to this in the paper. We'll see what happens...

09-07-2006, 05:08 PM
:lol: a special kind of nut. I guess she never heard of "fees". Anyone (seller) can tack on any fee they want as long as they tell you about the fees.

Just like forced tipping with large parties (some places force tipping for all bills). So maybe that MickeyDs want to have people that come inside to pay for all those stacks of napkins that get tossed out, or for the floor/table cleaner.

I want to see that receipt, it's got to be a case of "dumb-ass don't know how to read abbreviations"

09-08-2006, 12:59 AM
I'm guessing it's the same as one posted recently, perhaps by the same OP, I don't remember. The receipt will look like this:
Burger $3.99
Drink $0.99
Tax $0.43
(Or whatever for figures)

So it kinda looks like dine-in tax if you're kinda stupid. But it's listing that the customer chose to dine in, then listing the tax on the meal on the next line. Hence MG's line about did she not notice there was no other tax listed.

Keep us updated on any response to this letter Mysty :)