View Full Version : Welcome Wagon 2006 - thank GOD I'm a senior!!

09-07-2006, 08:38 PM
Well, ladies and gents, as you know I work in the ResLife office of my college and as such, I get my arse to the front desk, sign people in and out, make sure the policy is followed and since I no longer live there, I don't have the 5-min elevator commute any longer.

That said, I've been on staff for 3 years running.

That also said, every year I help out with move-in. Teams are split by need....and mine always get shortchanged.

Well, I will say this: like every eyar, WW sucked royally.

1. There was question of us getting paid. Apparently New Director thought it was fine and dandy to NOT pay us for a week of training, compiling the entire office to prep for the semester and moving in all the entitle-- residents. Yes, we're getting paid because my coworker M and I - and a good chunk of others - got VERY up in arms about it.

2. New Coworkers: Dude, i'm glad I didn't work with any of them, my old supe MB (who thank GOD is no longer here, there are miracles in the world!!) hired them all. MY FREAKIN' GOD. I've never encountered this.

- R, one of the people for the other building insists that she will NOT work on Thanksgiving, no matter what her building supe tells her. This is the thing: we find our own coverage at all times. She's like "Well I DON'T CARE! I'm NOT working then and that's that and D can just shut up and take it." Uh, darling, D didn't take it from anyone at ANY point in his life and certainly won't take any from you now that he's a supe.

- C, another one from the Other Building. Apparently, anyone else asking her to help can kiss her royal heiny and she only answers to the supervisor. I called everyone for help when we had to schlep some carts over to Maintenance. What does she say? "You can't ask me to help, only (supes) can." If not for being short on time, I would've ripped into her.

- B, from the office. I don't know how on Earth he got hired if whenever someone addresses him, he goes "whaa?" And he's a premed. ....somehow I don't trust him with my surgeries.

- T, a new hire, transfer from the office filing to the desk. Lawd of mine...even after M and I, the most seasoned people there, explained to her what to do and how, all she says is "Wait...how do I do this again?"


The training in and of itself is largely unnecessary on the account that, well - it does not take a week to teach a staff of 96% returners how to sign in a guest, write them up and what to write them up for, but with change of directors came a change in policy.

The move-in....hoii. Now this is where I get seriously pissed.

We had a team for my building of only 6 people. D is the supe. D2 is one of the guys working, so is L and so is K. T and I are working everything else.

Better put...T, L and I work while the others just sit around and BS about sports, girls and whatever. We're hauling 50-lb loaded carts, both sets of wheels unlocked, so they spin like insane when handled by ONLY one person and the supe and male coirkers are doing what? "Oh, can you unload this SUV?" soon as we came down?

I took several cart-hits to my (previously injured, you guys know the story) ankle and after a while, could barely walk straight. Do I get a 5-min break so that D2 or K can take over? If you answered no, you get a cookie.

Our residents are mostly a nice bunch and a large chunk of them are my friends, so I got invited in to sit down after their fam and I finished unloading, gave me a snack or two, made me laugh, let me rest up a bit. I sometimes LOVE my people.

When I do go for lunch, my watch miraculously stops, making me 5 mins late going back. What does D do? Get on my case. Even implied incompetence - wtf?! I've been on the staff 3 years, caught NUMEROUS scams, TRAINED half the present staff...and you imply incompetence?? GRRRR.