View Full Version : Kid, Put That Down. NOW.

09-09-2006, 06:56 PM
So we have this deal. Every Friday in September, they run a special deal from the cell phone company we sell for. On Fridays, you put up decorations and signs to advertise. Well, they sent us the decorations, and they are mini-footballs and pom-poms as it's an NFL themed thing.

Yesterday was Friday, so I decorated, but forgot to remove everything last night before I left (the rule is, decorate Thursday night, remove before Saturday until the next Friday rolls around) and when I got in this morning, I was busy, so I was able to remove was the "Special Offer Today Only!" signage. The pom-poms and footballs were still out.

Now, when I was a child, my mother would have died of embarassment if we went to a store and I just picked something up in a store and played with it like it was my own. That being said, I have nearly ripped these decorations from children's hands so many times today.

Yes, they are pom-poms, little girl, but they are for DECORATION. They're not like the ones you get with your cheerleader Halloween costume. These do not stand up to you throwing them up in the air, dragging them around by the plastic stringys, and all the shaking. When they break and fall apart, I of course, must pick it all up. But, NOT A SINGLE parent looked at their child and said "That's not yours, put it back." They simply assumed it was for their kid, even though it was TAPED DOWN to the display counter.

One lady was trying to teach her kid a cheer while I was trying to fix her husband's phone. He's trying to tell me everything the phone's doing, and in the background, Mom's clapping and yelling, and the kid's yelling back, shaking the fake pom-poms for all's worth. And of course, she breaks them and the stringies go everywhere. Mom doesn't pick them up, she just goes "Uh oh!" and the kid looks at me and says "I need another one!"

Oh yeah, these are not going up next week. Just the signs. The footballs I'll leave out, because people don't get all grabby with those, which is weird. I figured people would go for them because they actually bounce, and you could totally play catch with them. But NO, they want the cheesy, horribly cheap looking pom-poms that fall apart if you look at 'em funny.

Ugh. I should have known better, I've only been in the customer service type industry for about eight years now. But sadly, I guess I never learn.