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09-12-2006, 01:47 AM
I was covered up in my department this morning.

At this point in time I was loading a refrigerator on the back of someone's truck.
One of the people that works in Cabinet Designs called me.

"Hey, you got someone looking for help with these stoves."
(Gee, thanks):hairpull:
I told him I would be a minute or two.
Side Note - If another dpartment needs help, you are supposed to help or stay with the customer until help arrives.
Well, as I am walking back towards my department a customer stops me.
He asks "Do you work in Appliances?"
I say " Yes Sir, What can I help you with?"
He says "I need to see if you have this cooktop in stock."

I check, we don't(OF COURSE), but I offer the display at a discount and he was very happy with that.

After we get a discount tag filled out and he has his cooktop, he asks to speak with a manager. I was confused, but contacted our store manager.
I was a little concerned that I might have upset him, but I stayed and listened.

As soon as my manager got there, this is what the customer said,
"I came in today to get this cooktop. The two guys in cabinets wouldn't help me, they sat on their fat a$$es and told me someone would be back in a minute. This young man here was very courtious, very helpful, and very nice. He did everything he could to help us and he did it quickly.":D

My manager thanked me, and apologized for the behavior of the other two. These people were ever kind enough to fill out a customer service survey on me and stated that I was excellent.:D

That made my day. It was going horribly till this.
I don't get to brag on myself much, but i'll take it when it comes.


09-12-2006, 01:50 AM
Good job there! I'm glad they took the time to commend you. It's not often people take the time to say something nice. :)