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09-12-2006, 04:35 AM
I've been with Lowe's for about 6 months now. Started off as a loader, now I am in a department. As a loader, I was part-time, but was scheduled for almost 40 hours a week. When I was moved inside, and got my glowing 90-day review, I was told I would be given full-time status.

That hasn't happened, but I still got steady hours, about 37 a week. Then about a month ago, they cut my hours down. 20 hours a week! And much of that time, I am floating in other departments, such as flooring and home decor.

How can I pay my mortgage and child support on 20 hours a week? Answer: I can't! I am falling behind, waiting for this promise of full time. I have been told many times that I "am a great worker, [I] learn fast, and have tons of experience. [I] will go far in this company."

At first I thought this store manager (SM) was cool, but now I realize he's a greedy, self absorbed egomaniac that doesn't give a damn about his staff. Just the other day,the third-in-command walked out because of the SM. Employees are leaving the store droves, either transferring out or outright quitting - no notice, just taking their stuff and out the door.

I don't even bother learning the new cashiers' names because I know they will be gone in a few weeks. Why can't the SM hire in people at a livable wage? Why can't he hire in more full timers? Oh, right. Bonuses. Insurance. I know all about that. When I was a manager, I split most of my bonuses with my staff. They worked just as hard, if not harder, as I did, and they deserved it.
This SM is riding around in a $52,000 pickup truck and is building a brand new lakefront house.

This store is currently one of the top stores in the region. Sales are up, payroll is down. The store is losing honest, wonderful employees because of this. I'm soon to be one of them. In my interview, I told them I planned on being there for a long time. I didn't want a job, I wanted a career.

I have gone to every manager I can about getting full time, but get the same answer. "You'll get it, just give it time." I can't wait anymore. I am a month behind on my mortgage because of this.

Oh, one more thing. Next week, I do have 40 hours, and that's working the overnight shift setting up the Christmas display, then the following week, I am back down to 20 hours. Therefore, I can't have my daughter on the days that are mine. I am PISSED.

I'm sorry, folks. This post isn't very well organized. I just typed what I was feeling and thinking at the time. I hope you all understood it.

I'm seriously thinking about just walking out. Just going to lunch on Thursday, and not coming back. (I'm on my 2nd of 4 days off for this week). I feel used . So should I? Walk out, not look back?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

One more! I forgot: My department has 4 employees, one "manager". (I use that term loosely) Last week, we got a new person, hired at Full Time. I almost walked when I found out. Now we have 3 full timers and 2 part timers. I couldn't believe they hired someone in full time other than giving me full time when they know I want and need the hours.

09-12-2006, 06:43 AM
I agree, find a new job NOW

go to them AFTER you have a new job and say, if Im not signing my full time status on a contract tomorrow, im sorry but im gone.

and make sure your contract states between 37.5 and 42 hours per week not and i repeat not.....

UP TO 40 hours per week or you will be more screwed over than you already are.

by the way, major kudos to you for being responsible and paying child support (even if you cant quite make all of it right now), shows what a top notch person you are :) go responsible parents!!!

09-12-2006, 07:15 AM
They don't deserve you.


09-12-2006, 02:11 PM
They don't deserve you.


Agreed. Find a new job and stuff 'em.

09-12-2006, 03:46 PM
Plain and Simple, You're getting screwed. I would have to assume that you are being paid a higher wage then the shmoe that they just hired. They are going to keep the higher paid hours lower and the lower paid hours higher (greedy trolls trying to keep their payroll budget down to inflate their bonuses, at the expense of moral and store productivity).

Not sure what the job situation is in Florida, but I know that here in Southern California, while its not always great, with they experience you may have earned working at Lowes, you may be able to get a job as a maintenaince person for a retirement community, mobile home park, apartment building; working for a smaller mom and pop hardware store (if those still even exist), And you always have retail experience, between the hardware/building supplies experience and retail that leaves a pretty good area to find a new job quickly. Good luck, and hope it works out. As much as your present job sucks though, I would never recommend just walking (It leaves a mark on your resume/application that can haunt you in the future).

09-12-2006, 09:12 PM
Wanna know what's really scrwed up???? Some companies say that a sky-high turnover rate is actually GOOD for the company because then they save money in providing benefits and it doesnt take nothing to replace a worker in a non-skilled position. :mad:

09-13-2006, 08:49 PM
Yup. They are definitely shafting you. If you want to send them a message, call the Florida Employment Office at 1-866-778-7356 and ask if you qualify for unemployment benefits. Cutting hours to the bone is considered a partial layoff in many jurisdictions. Your glowing reviews make it proveable that the hours cut wasn't due to a fault on your part.

If it turns out that you qualify, even if the benefit is tiny, file. You might not get much, but your employer will have to pay higher insurance premiums. Then find another job where they will value you.

And if you're feeling really evil towards them, you can share your knowledge about filing with DOL with as many co-workers as you can before you quit. :devil:

09-13-2006, 08:58 PM
You can't qualify for unemployment if you're part-time. One of the many reasons why most places like to hire part-time over full-time.

09-13-2006, 09:22 PM
In many places, you can if you have been working 40 hours a week (as Knighmare reported) for some time and your hours are are then cut back severely through no fault of your own. Many jurisdictions call that a partial layoff and you would get partial unemployment.

Also part-time employees who consistently work full-time hours at a permanent job would (or should, it depends on where you are) be considered full-time employees for DOL purposes. This is in place to prevent companies from cheating the system by mislabeling full-time employees as part-time, then cutting the employee's hours instead of laying them off. If their bottom line is in danger and they need to lay people off, they should sack up and do it fairly.

I honestly don't know much about how Flordia handles these things. But it's not going to hurt anything to call the toll-free number and ask. What's happening isn't right and there's nothing wrong with exploring legal avenues to make it right or at least reinforce that their behavior will lead to negative consequences if they think about repeating it.

But, yes. If you start at 20 hours a week and stay at 20 hours then, no, you wouldn't qualify for unemployment anywhere. Most places keep everyone at 20 hours just for that reason. It sucks, but it's perfectly legal as long as employees are told up front that the job is part-time and 20 hours a week with no promises that it will become more than that.

09-13-2006, 09:32 PM
Florida is very hard to get unemployment in. There is a reason why he got 37 hours for a while before getting slammed with the major cut.

37 hours is maximum part time. Any time you work more than 38+ hours in a week on a regular basis, then you're "switch" to full time. Only then you might have a chance for unemployment.

Of course "regular" has different meanings depending on who you talk to.