View Full Version : Rules for Customers Bringing Me Your Car

09-12-2006, 01:26 PM
I work in a Car Audio installation department, but most of these apply to any vehicle service where you turn your vehicle over to a technician.

Please clean out your car.

I don't mean you have to have it detailed, or shampoo the carpets. I don't care about dust, or dirt, or cigarettes butts in the ashtray. But if I'm going to be installing something into your trunk, please don't have the trunk packed full of groceries, laundry, sales samples, or anything else that I have to spend ten minutes removing before I can start working. And please don't just move everything into the back seat. I almost always have to remove the back seat when I'm running wires into the trunk.

If you have anything you don't want me to see, take it out of your car before you come in.

If I open your glove box, it's not because I'm a nosy person. It's because I may have to run wiring behind it, or remove it entirely to take the dash apart. So don't lock it, and please remove your marijuana stash, DIY porno, and loaded handguns before you bring me the car.

Also, the reason we have a disclaimer that we're "not responsible for valuables left in the car" is NOT that we see your vehicle's interior as fair game. It's because if you suddenly find your purse missing, we have NO WAY AT ALL to prove we didn't steal it. So keep the purse, wallet, cash, cameras and cell phones with you.

Please don't ask to watch.

I don't think I'm alone, but it makes me nervous when a customer's watching every move I make working on their car. If you don't trust me to work on it, then don't bring it to me. And while we're at it, don't keep asking me questions while I'm trying to do the work. I'll be happy to explain anything you like, before I start or after I'm done.

Please, please, please don't ask to help.

It may seem to violate all rules of logic, but chances are I'll actually get done faster if you don't try to assist.

If your vehicle is your favorite place to relax and smoke a joint, please let it air out before you bring it to me.

Really, I've had to jump out for a breath of fresh air when working on some of your cars. I honestly don't care what you do on your own time. But I don't want to breathe it, and I definitely don't want to smell like your car for the rest of the day.

If you decide you don't have the money, fine. But don't then try to do it yourself in my parking lot.

Some of you even want to borrow my tools.

I don't care what you paid for the car, nor about the performance enhancements you've added; nor do I wish to purchase it, or one like it.


If your power window won't go up, please tell me before I roll it down.

Ditto for fresh tint work, door keys that don't work, power seats that only go one direction, etc. The time to inform me is BEFORE I screw up your car. And if you didn't tell me before, please don't expect me to pay for it after.

Don't rush me.

If you have to be someplace later, let me know before I start work so I can tell you if we'll have the time. The time to explain that you have an appointment at 3pm is not 2:30pm when your vehicle is opened up like a dissected frog. Please trust me not to sit in the car and play solitaire; there's no need to call every twenty minutes to check on my progress. And be aware that I can't foresee every event. Sometimes jobs turn out to be harder than expected, and thus take longer.

Also, the law requires that I take a half-hour lunch break during my shift. It is mute on the subject of whether I need to finish your car first.