View Full Version : first scary guy

09-12-2006, 09:08 PM
most of you know, i started my internship and i now work in a domestic violence women's shelter. i have my first scary ex, so far i haven't heard of any of them really trying to "get" the women and children. most of the ex's i've heard about try to talk them into coming back. this guy, went nuts.

i can't give specifics because of confidentiality issues, but he's basically trying to find her, and not in a good way. he tried filing cps charges for neglect because when she fled she left a perscription for 1 of her many kids. she replaced it the same day. he filed missing persons reports within a few hours, he lied and told the police she was gone for 2 days. just a lot of crazy stuff

this guy is so scary that the social workers that have been there 10 years or more were even freaked a bit. statistically, over 70% of women who are killed by their abusers are killed when they leave. so keep this woman in your thoughts.