View Full Version : Something I Don't Understand

09-16-2006, 07:33 PM
This is a bit of a rant, but seriously. I don't get it.

I've been working for this company for two years now. But I still do not understand the mentality of this particular group of customer. They are the type whose phone does something weird, and their immediate reaction is to come into a store (like mine) and announce "My phone is messed up, I need it replaced." They don't try to check the phone themselves, or even call tech support. They immediately go straight to the service center, wanting a new phone RIGHT NOW.

We'll look at the phone, and it'll be a setting that somehow got changed, or something I can fix really easily. Most folks are grateful that it was easy, and are happily on their way. Others are like "Well, what if it does it again? Can't you just replace it just in case?" They just don't understand that there's nothing wrong with their phone, their kid just accidentally put it in airplane mode (where you can't make or receive calls, but you can use all the other features) or the screen just stopped working, and we replaced the screen and all is well. I'm not gonna give you a new phone when we've now got it working 100% okay.

And the people who want a guarantee. Like today, this lady came in with her son. She announced that her husband had been trying to get the "situation" fixed, but it hadn't been resolved to her liking, now she "had to" get involved. Her son's phone she said, was dropping calls. Now, first thing we check when someone has that complaint is we check to see what version of software that the phone is running on. If it's not running on the newest software, that can cause those types of problems. And usually, a software upgrade will fix it. She wanted me to 100% guarantee that this upgrade would fix her son's phone. I can't say that, anything's possible. The kid could be making these calls in fringe coverage areas where nothing's gonna stop dropped calls, or the phone could be messed up, or the kid could be lying, who knows. I didn't tell her all that, just said in my experience, that issue is generally resolved by upgrades, but it wasn't fullproof. This didn't make her happy at all, but what else am I supposed to do? Anything's possible in this world.

I don't know. I guess no matter how long I work with the public, I still will not understand how little common sense some folks have. I know everyone else is thinking the same thing, but geez. I've been doing customer service type jobs since the age of 16, and I'm now 24. You'd think I wouldn't be surprised anymore.