View Full Version : I Just Wanted to Grab This Guy By the Collar and Say "Stop It!!"

09-18-2006, 01:54 AM
Well no, I didn't want to actually get violent with this guy, but, he was just so nice, and overly apologetic, when he had absolutely no reason to be, I was wondering how I could get him to realize that he's not an evil person!

I was working Returnland the other day, and he comes up to the desk. I recognize him as a fairly regular customer. He's probably mid-late '60's or so, and is, by whatever nature and life have handed him, a gruff, almost mean looking guy with a very gravelly voice, but by this experience, and other times I've waited on him, a really nice guy.

He was returning a bathtub refinishing kit, which consisted of two aerosol cans in a cardboard package. He had his receipt, and the package was complete, and in pristine condition.

He kept on apologizing, and saying how "stupid" he was, and explained that once he got it home, and read the instructions more thoroughly, ("put one can in the fridge for such-and-such amount of time, put other in a container of hot water, for such-and-such time, connect the two cans with the supplied plastic tube to mix contents of cans. Do this, do that, wait 24, or was it 48, hours between applications.....") he was afraid he'd totally screw up this supposedly simple, supposedly 1/2 hour, procedure. After his description, and my own quick glance of the instructions, I agreed that I, too, would be afraid to take the project on.

I kept telling him, it was no problem at all to do the return, since he had done everything correctly, and told him that I appreciated his doing such, and that it was a pleasure to help him when many other people would bring in a totally trashed package, and then would look at me like I have three heads, or raise Hell, when they were told we couldn't give them full credit on an essentially unsellable item and/or they didn't have a receipt.

One ironic thing, is everytime I see this guy, I almost think it's the same guy that would occasionally park at the Parking Garage I worked at in the late '80's. The reason I know they are not the same guy, is the name isn't the same, plus the guy from the Parking Garage probably looks 20 years older than this guy.:p But, like this guy, was very gruff looking, had a gravelly voice, but was the nicest guy in the world!