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09-18-2006, 07:37 AM
On Saturday morning, I did a bit of umpiring for a corporate softball tournament. It was a very easy going, non-formal event. The teams weren't very good and most folks were out to have a good time. Most of the teams would have been crushed in even a very low level rec league. Like I said, everyone was out there to have fun.

That is, except for one butthead. I made a call in the first game that one of the teams didn't like. I made the correct call based on the rules*. Basically, you have to avoid contact on close plays or the runner(s) are out. The team ends up losing the game and I end up having them on the same field for the next game.

During the next game, a guy from that team tries to argue with me that the same thing happened on the previous play. The girl was nowhere near him so there was no contact to avoid. So he says to me "next time, I'll just hit her in the head". After processing it for a few seconds, I decided that there wouldn't be a next time and thew him out of the game. He cursed me a bit, accused me of causing them to lose the previous game, and I asked him to leave the field.

My next game was a forfeit because one of teams didn't show. Since we had a break (fiance was scorekeeping with me), we decided to grab a bite to eat. It was a nice day so we had the windows in the car down. On the way out of the parking lot, we just happened to pass the guy and he decided to call me a prick.

I've umpired enough to be used to all the crap that the guy said. What gets me is that the guy was at an event representing his company. While I know that he wasn't on the clock, doing something like that is pretty stupid. If I were his boss, his ass would have been written up.

* For the folks who play softball, the tournament had a slide or avoid rule. On a double play, the runner went into second base and made contact with the fielder. The runner was out by several steps and inteferred with the throw to first. Both runners are out. Simple call. Without the contact, I don't make that call. Come to think of it, I didn't even need a slide or avoid rule to make the call.

On the play in the second game, a girl was forced out at second but she wasn't more than halfway to the bag. There was no chance at contact, so the plays aren't even close to the same thing. Unless the runner tries to intentionally interfere with the play, there is no call. Since the guy didn't throw the ball, she can't intentionally interfere with the play.

09-18-2006, 07:41 PM
Sounds like good umping to me. There aren't very many umps that make that call here though. I usually play second base. There was once that it happened twice in the same game trying to make a throw to first after the force at second that the guy just stood up high and kept running at me. the third time it happened I just nailed the guy running at me with the ball.