View Full Version : Depots (and why they must be blown up)

Department stores *sigh*
09-20-2006, 03:16 PM
Sigh* sometimes you know that when a customer is ngr they have a DAMN goo reason to be.

2 incidents yesterday where the depot either almost lost us an order, or did.

incident 1: Customer had something go wrong 3 times with their order. This is due to it being a new system and area so this tends to happen. they are understanding as the bed they ordered is for a spare room. not like they are sleeping on a couch.
anywayz we finally have their order in the store and are waiting on the truck to come and pick it up.....waiting.....waiting.....ummm waiting. no truck. great. i say screw this i page my budy from the floor and we load up his truck and deliver it ourselves managment foots the bill. customers are happy we finally got it taken care of but not happy it took so long. o well saved that sale no thanks to the truck not showing up.

Incident 2: This one is bad. I get a call from my manager saying they have a customer claiming that their order has been backordered 3 times by the depot and they want to talk to me. Apparently my manager told her we can compensate with discounts and such and i was of course fine with this. I get her patched through to me and she had the most defeated sound in her voice. It was like after being so mad abou something you just want it to be over. I pull up her info on the cpu and i see her order had indeed been pushed back due to backordering and such about 3 weeks. She doesnt want a discount she jst wants to cancel. Bye bye $1000 order.......*sigh*

anyway left a note on my mnagers desk sayin we need to ave a talk with our local depot couse if it goes on like this customers arent oin to trust us and we won have any coming back