View Full Version : How this forum works

07-04-2008, 07:41 PM
It was raised recently that some members are either complaining about things that aren't really sucky behaviour, or things that are pretty minor in the scheme of things. We've had a chat, and one of the ways to try and deal with this is this forum.

Someone has a brain fart (I may yet still change the name of the forum to that), then it's not sucky and it's not really general work chat. Stick it in here. Threads along those lines started in 'Sucky Customers' for the near future will be moved in here.

We don't want to dilute the posting on the board, but we're trying for a little more accurate segregation for both the posters and the readers. We're not going to sweat the delineation too much, as long as it's reasonable, so don't agonise over where to put a tale.