View Full Version : CW's brain burp

07-05-2008, 07:27 PM
OK, no one at the call center is ever going to let B live this one down.
It was really slow and B decided that rather than getting the holiday pay bonus as extra money on the check that she wanted it as an extra day of vacation. So she goes onto the center's intranet and pulls up the form she needs to fill out to request her holiday pay be in the form of vacation hours, starts filling it out while chatting with us... here's where the brain burp came in- (keep in mind this was said on July 4th)
B- hey, it says here that you actually have to work on the holiday to be eligible for the vacation hours rather than just getting the 8 hours pay.
us- (probably all thinking, yeah, so that's a problem how)
B- and I can't remember if I'm scheduled to work that holiday or not
us- :confused:
me- well B, I'd hardly call what we are doing today work, but you did clock in right?
B- *locks at the calender on her computer* shit

yeah, we were :lol: for a while after that one