View Full Version : Uh...Your stupidity ceases to amaze me

07-11-2008, 10:02 PM
So interesting story. A couple years ago at my old job as a sacker at a small independent grocery store the most amazingly customer moment ever happened. See here's the layout of the front area. At the front area when you walk in you have the registers to the left, baskets in front of you and Courtesy Booth and walkway to the aisles to the right. I pushed some baskets in and all the sudden this guy comes up holding a bag with some meat in it. He points towards the Booth and asks, and I quote, "Excuse me? Is that Customer Service?"

So I turn to the Booth. Stare at the humongus green sign above the booth window that says "Customer Care". Turn to the guy and without missing a beat I told him, "I don't know. I'll ask them." And I do.:D Told them they said yes, and walked away before he could respond.

I was the hero of the day at work. Probably everyone's favorite story to this day.