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09-21-2006, 05:03 PM
Last week a new promotion started at our company - 450 convenience stores. Corporate arrange for our 2 ambient distribution centres to dispatch a load of allocations - promotional items to "get us started" - the week before the promo starts. And they also arrange chilled allocations from our chilled warehouse on day one of the promo. So we get some nice chicken breast in white wine sauce allocated - this is a new line, an own-brand. There were a couple more versions of this chicken breast line, case size of 4. OK, so i put it on display, finished the rest of the delivery off, and had my dinner. Then I thought "i'd better make some price markers for that promo stuff they just sent". The new chicken stuff had SOLD! all of them, I didnt get chance to make price markers!! (the stuff was price marked at half price)

So next day - tuesday, I ordered THREE cases of each variety to come on friday ready for the weekend. My boss was due back from holidays on the sunday, so i thought i'd impress him with fully stocked meat shelves - he used to be a butcher, and has passed a lot of his meat ordering wisdom onto me. ;) I also ordered some other new promo meats which i thought would sell.

Friday rolls around, and the chilled delivery pulls up. We offload the couple of cages onto the shopfloor, and there's no sign of the meat i ordered. I check the invoice, and - oh look - in the undeliverables is all my meat that i ordered!!!! I went into the fridge room in the cellar and swore for a bit :rant: (we have a swear box, nobody can hear me swear in there lol), then I went and put the rest of the delivery out.

WEDNESDAY of NEXT WEEK, theres a news bulletin on the daily news. SEVERE SHORTAGE OF <name and code of all products i tried to order>. GRRRRRR. The thing is, all this stuff would have increased our turnover by about 100. Quite a step when you consider the shop only takes 250 a week on fresh meat to start with. And when you're ordering 4 days in advance with 3 deliveries a week, this makes things VERY awkward. Oh, and this sort of shit is what we have to put up with on a regular basis from our company. They put something on offer, then cant secure enough stocks of said products - oh, and this is typical of the shit that happens to me too.

Anyway, my boss returned from his holiday and was fairly understanding about the meat situation. But i was still majorly pissed off. Freaking stupid suppliers, headoffice, corporate, ordering system. lol

09-21-2006, 06:02 PM
i feel you in a way
we have promotions where a special lid will contain a cd with stuff on it, music or facts or whatnot
we are supposed to put them on every cup even multiple for the same customer
they dissapear fast and most of them end up in the trash
corporate really doesnt know the front line well enough

09-21-2006, 06:22 PM
I used to have the opposite problem -- they'd put something on sale that was a slow mover, and putting it on sale wouldn't really change that. Yet, they'd send a whole shitload of it, and it would sit in my bay for months.

I don't know why, but I just didn't like having a whole lot of stuff in my bay, especially not a large quantity of the same thing.