View Full Version : My Aunt had a brain burp..

07-19-2008, 01:13 AM
Wednesday night, I had to run to the craft store, while there, I ran into my Aunt. She was almost done with her shopping as well, so we went to the check out together.

I paid first and she was behind me. We were talking and having a good conversation when my aunt's choclates rang up as dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. So the cashier, who pointed it out to her, stopped the ringing and grabbed the right ones. No big deal.

Then my Aunt grabs her bag and starts to head to the door, while putting her cash back in her purse. The cashier then say loudly, "That'll be $4.89"

My aunt turned bright red and turned around to give her money. The cashier was thankfully laughing about it and knew my aunt was distracted (with this aunt it's VERY easy).