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07-19-2008, 01:26 AM
This was something that used to happen at least a couple times a shift at the gas station. Someone would pre-pay for regular, then a few minutes later the call button would beep, and I'd ask what's wrong, conversations usually went like this:

Me: :wave:
C : Customer

Call button beeps
Me: Hi there pump 4 what seems to be the problem?
C : The pump isn't working! It won't let me pump anything!
Me: Were you getting regular?
C : Yes, I selected my grade and now it won't work!
Me : Are you using the Red nozzle?
C: Yes.
Me: You'll need to hang that one up, and use the blue one, the red one is for premium plus.
C: Ohh....

The funny thing is that the premium nozzle has the grade number on it and says premium plus. I mean, a couple times it has turned sucky, because god forbid it takes someone more than 2 seconds to get what they want.

Another one I remember only happened once, but it amused me, the lady wasn't sucky at all, just a little confused. But one day I was training and a lady pressed the call button

Me: Hi there pump 7 how can I help you?
L: Yes, uhm, I put my card in and the pump isn't doing anything, and I think my card is stuck.
Me :*thinking oh no* Well, I'll be out there in a moment to see what I can do about that.
So I put on my safety vest and go out to the pump. I look at the card slot, and there's nothing in there, not to mention it's pretty difficult to get it stuck, you have to pull it out to get the pump to work. So I turn to the lady
Me: I don't see your card here, did you get it out?
L: No, I put it in here *points to the recipt slot*
Me: *blinks* oh, I see, well that is the recipt slot, let's see if we can get that out for you.
luckily all I had to do was kind of tap the card with my finger and it slid out, I then had to show her how to use her card in the card reader. She was quite embarassed, especially once she noticed the recipt slot is labelled as such.

07-20-2008, 06:41 PM
I helped out in the gas station that is connected to my store, and I had the second one happen there numerous times.

We also have this card that before you check out the cashier scans it and once you buy so much in groceries, you get 10 cents off of gas. The amount of people I get who don't understand the concept of how to use it at the pump amazes me. Sometimes it's the same people.

It is easy. Scan the BARCODE on the barcode reader, that is above the credit card slot, (no where does it say to put this card in the credit card slot, but people still do)wait 2 seconds until the red light comes on, then put your credit card in, or if your are paying inside pull out the nozzle and wait for the cashier to hit the button inside to approve it. These instructions are also on the pumps.

But we all know most people don't read the signs.

07-29-2008, 05:57 PM
I once serviced a vending machine (I was working IT, the machine was owned by the business) where someone had stuffed the coin slot full of bills and the bill acceptor full of coins. And the customer who did it was still standing there wanting a refund when I arrived, he even admitted it, claiming both receptacles were broken, since they wouldn't take his money... :eek::cry::roll: