View Full Version : to the sweet old lady who left more than one thing at home.

07-23-2008, 03:44 PM
like her ink cartridge and her brain.

We refill ink cartridges, it is a new thing but we have a huge sign on the counter explaining all things ink. I see a little old lady reading the sign and walk up and ask her if she has any questions.

"Do I need to bring in the ink "thingy" for you to fill it?"

yeah... no i can just give you a baggy of ink and you can fill it yourself at home.... Yes I need the cartridge so i can clean it and test it and fill it. It says "Just bring in your old ink cartridges and we will clean test and fill them for you for the low price of _____ or ______" on the sign.....

poor lady, she must have forgot a few things at home...

not sucky just silly.

07-25-2008, 04:49 PM
Ah, yes, inkjet refilling.. the cause of so so much suck.

The main suckage comes from people who don't feel the need to read all the words in an ad before they come in looking for the product. They just see "$10" and "injet cartridge", but not the "refill" part in the middle of those two words. So they come in looking for the $10 cartirdges, and throw a hissy fit when we point out the reality of the situation.

Free refill day was one of the worst of my life. Partly because I was the ONLY person in the ENTIRE freaken store, but mostly because people are greedy.

No, you cannot bring in those 30 cartridges you've been saving. Yes, I know, I know, it was oh so difficult to lug ALL of them in here, but I don't really care. You get one free one, that's it. It's not really my fault that you didn't read the ad, where it SAYS THAT!

If you dont know what type of cartridge you have, don't come in expecting me to tell you if we refill it or not. "It's about this big" is not an adequate discription.

And to all of you idiots out there... no, you do NOT have a "black and white" cartridge. There is black ink, and ONLY black in contained in that little bitty box. No, it is not in fact cheaper to have JUST the black filled and skip the white, since we DON'T PUT WHITE INK IN YOUR FREAKEN CARTRIDGE. Gah.. I hate people.
(On second thought, I should start telling them that we can "skip the white"l, but it's a much longer process, and costs more)

07-25-2008, 09:33 PM
(On second thought, I should start telling them that we can "skip the white"l, but it's a much longer process, and costs more)

Has the kids on the playground say: I double dog dare you. (I'm old :p)

Ironclad Alibi
08-01-2008, 08:42 PM
There is a hobby market for printers that use white ink. Model railroaders use it to make white decals for putting on dark surfaces. AFAIK, the only printer that can do that is a much older Alps printer.