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07-30-2008, 11:05 PM
OK, maybe this should go under cursing out co-workers, but I'll put it in here because it is a very obvious brain burp.

Basically, at work, we have four cleaners. The only people that only encounter the cleaners are the managers because by the time everyone else comes in to open up, the cleaners are gone. The bar has five managers, including me. Two of us are pretty new, me and another guy Pete.

So, I go to let the cleaners in.

Cleaner: Hey Pete, how you doin??
Me: Uhh, I'm fine. By the way, I'm not Pete, I'm customersruinmylife.
Cleaner: Oh, I feel stupid now! I thought you were called Pete!
Me: No worries.

The next day, exact same cleaner.

Cleaner: So what you doing when you finish Pete?
Me: Probably chilling with my friend. By the way, it's customersruinmylife.
Cleaner: Oh yeah! I forgot!

Two days later.

Cleaner: Oh I'm glad you're back! Was it your day off yesterday?
Me: Yeah it was.
Cleaner: Well, it was that CUSTOMERSRUINMYLIFE opening up yesterday. He really is horrible isn't he!
Me: What?? I'm customersruinmylife!
Cleaner: Oh, I keep forgetting Pete!
Me: No, it was Pete who opened up yesterday!
Cleaner: Right!

I met up with Pete.

Pete: Yeah, she calls me customersruinmylife ALL THE TIME!!


Now I could forgive if we looked alike, but we DON'T. Pete has a shaved head and a big belly. I have long hair and am very lanky

07-31-2008, 03:28 AM
I have done that to people before. I think one of the reasons is--that certain names...just seem alike to me. I know a guy who went by his middle name as a child, and his first name as an adult. I've known this person all my life.

We'll say his name is Henry Jacob, and that when he was a kid he was called Jacob, but now he's known to all as Henry. For that reason I tend to mix up the names Henry and Jacob, even though they don't sound like, don't start with the same letter or have anything in common to most people.

Maybe the person you talked about has a similar issue, or maybe they're just forgetful.

People are weird.

07-31-2008, 07:37 AM
At one point one of my coworkers decided my name was Amber, while another decided my name was Samantha. Well, that sounds sorta like my name, well they have letters in common at least...but I'm wearing a frikkin' NAME BADGE! Thing is, there're both a Samantha and an Amber at work, neither of whom look anything like me, 'cause they're both black, and I'm really, really, not. Seriously, you don't want to see me in a bathing suit, you'll go blind.

Music Mo-Gal
07-31-2008, 09:41 PM
At one point one of my coworkers decided my name was Amber, while another decided my name was Samantha. Well, that sounds sorta like my name, well they have letters in common at least...

I think you and I have the same first name, because I often get called both of those things too.

Jay 2K Winger
08-01-2008, 04:40 AM
I had a MANAGER who kept doing that.

This wouldn't have been a big deal if she hadn't been the PERSONNEL manager, and as such, the person who drew up the schedules every week.

As it stands, I take classes three days a week, and on those days, I have made it abundantly clear to work that I will not be available on such days. Now, when it is right after the start of a new quarter, and my new availability hasn't sunk into their brains yet, I can be forgiving, and let it slide once, maybe twice.

Then I found out it was this particular manager. Let's call her Cee.

J2K: *knocks on the door to her office* Cee, there's been a mix-up with my schedule.
Cee: Sure. What's the problem?
J2K: You have me scheduled to work the closing shift on Tuesday. That's when I have class.
Cee: Oh. What's your name again?
J2K: Jay 2K Winger.
Cee: Well, let me see... *goes into the scheduling program* ...we can fix that. Did you remember to fill out your availability sheet?
J2K: Yes, and I made four copies. One for me, one for you, one for Cory (our FLM), and one for Kevin (my LPM).

Cee now flips open her little folder with the availability sheets. She stops on a page for one of my coworkers, Brian.

Cee: Huh. It says here you're available on Tuesdays.
J2K: That's Brian's sheet.
Cee: Huh? What was your name again?
J2K: Jay 2K Winger.
Cee: Oh! Sorry. Well, let me make sure this has been put in the computer, Brian.
J2K: ...Jay.
Cee: What?
J2K: I'm Jay.
Cee: Oh! Sorry.

I don't think she works for our store anymore.

08-01-2008, 02:50 PM
At least you're getting called female names. I kept getting called Steve at one job, when I'm *very* obviously female, as in boobs! And my name isn't ever similar.:cry: The Steve in question who worked there was one of those super skinny rocker types, and I'm an unforgettable earth!mother type(quite fluffy).
And it was wide spread, both managers did it regularly and several times other co-workers would as well.

08-02-2008, 05:24 AM
Now I'm wondering if this is catching, because now I keep getting called different names at my work. Customers call me by my co-workers' names, my bosses calls me by her/his children's names, my boyfriend/supervisor called me by his ex's name(I took it out of his flesh, don't worry :angel: ), co-workers calling me whatever comes to mind other than my blasted name. I miss being Lauren.... being Heather/Michelle/Toaster/Laura is so confusing.

08-04-2008, 03:19 PM
Toaster ? Can you do waffles, too ?

08-04-2008, 04:31 PM
Toaster ? Can you do waffles, too ?

I kid you not, one of my coworkers said to me "Hey, Teapot, can I bum a smoke?"
"Teapot?", says I. "Are you saying I'm short and stout?"
Said coworker blinks at me before spluttering an apology. Seems she was thinking about how we were low on clean teapots while asking for a cigarette.

Alas, I can only warm a waffle, not create one. My existence is a sorry one.

cinema guy
08-04-2008, 08:23 PM
We have a new guy who got all confused about a manager's name.

New Guy (NG) is introduced to Larry. After Larry has gone, NG says, "He doesn't look like a Larry."

Later, NG calls for manager on the radio, "Hello James..."

Later, Larry: "Will someone tell NG that I'm Larry, not James." Which we do.

Later still, calling on the radio, "Hello, James..." :rolleyes:

I wonder if he calls James Larry?