View Full Version : Stuck greeting when I'm not supposed to

09-25-2006, 02:02 PM
I just wanted to post about my day yesterday. It wasn't a very good day for me. I just want to get it out, sorry.

I got to work and saw that I was on register 1. Now, that's horrible. That's the register that you just stand around and not do anything. It makes for a very long day. So I'm standing out in front, looking for customers (and no one walks by because I'm so far down) when my supervisor comes up to me and asks me if I would be the greeter for a while. I say okay, only because I don't want to say no and get her mad (she has a tendency to be vindictive and not give cashiers days off if she' s mad) and then proceeds to tell me that the regional manager is coming in. She then describes the lady that should be in and everything..and then I get sent over to take care of the greeter's lunch.

That was the absolute longest hour of my life. There was one poor girl at the customer service desk, and there was a lady that left her purse in the store the day before, I guess. So she had all the other people above the cashiers running around looking for it, when this one lady that I said hi to (that didn't say ANYTHING to me back, nor even look at me) barked at me: "Isn't there anyone else around that can help us here?" I looked around and couldn't find anyone that knew how to do the service desk, and I said that there wasn't anyone. Then she got quite mad. She's like, "You better find someone!" The funny thing was...the girl at the customer service desk was pretty quick...and got to that mean lady in a matter of minutes. I guess eh thought that since I was greeting that I wasn't a very important person in the company (I think cashiers are very important, btw) or that what I was doing was meaningless...I wanted to tell her that the regional manager was coming in that day and I HAD to be there and greet people; I couldn't run around the store and find someone else to help her out. (I did ask the girl at the service desk if she wanted help (in front of that mean lady) and she said no).

So..that was the highlight of that. Then I go back to my register, and then get pulled off of it in like 5 minutes. They need me to greet again. This time, to cover someone else's break. I say sure, cause my supervisor told me I'd cover the break, and then go on my own after that. So I go over there, and it comes time for my break. The guy's not back yet. I wait 15 minutes, cause he's an older guy, and likes to take longer breaks sometimes. Then I ask my supervisor if I can take mine...she had no idea where this guy was. So she got someone else to cover MY break..turns out that other guy was on his lunch too, and no one told me or my supervisor...

I was doing that stupid greeting thing for an hour and a half (NOT my job). It really pissed me off. At least I got to be on my stupid register 1 after that. (only because I had to be there to cover the girl who was on 3's breaks and lunches).

It was just a crappy day in my crappy store doing an even crappier job than I normally do. It wasn't even my JOB! They just asked me to, and I was nice enough to do it. The thing that bothers me is that they told me I was covering a break that last time, and it ended up being someone's lunch instead. I only signed on for a break, NOT a lunch.