View Full Version : Mom's brain fart at Bed&Bath

08-06-2008, 04:17 PM
So we went to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday to pick up a few needed items before the slavering hordes of students descended.

Mom got two of those Vornado fans for her boss' summer house on the Cape, and then I noticed that I could probably use a vacuum for my place (the Kone was not meant for general use on a floor/area rug).

So we're examining the different Shark vacuums, and I settle on the larger of the two. As Mom's looking at how they work, she takes the larger display, up-ends it to peek "under the hood" so to speak.

Oops. Dirt, fuzz, gravel and crap from the concrete floor flies all over us and everywhere. There was other evidence on the stacked boxes that she wasn't the only person to try that.

Me (after I've stopped laughing enough to talk): "MOM! It uses the floor surface to help sweep stuff in!"
Mom: "I know, I just didn't think anything would happen."

So we have an item that uses bristles rotating against a hard surface (the floor) at high speed to pick up dirt. Logic dictates that if said item is turned upside down while on, the only surface the bristles will have to contact is the catch, picking up the contents and flinging it all over.