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08-16-2008, 08:08 PM
Well this was a brain burp by myself...

Went into <computer store> (think purple shirts) to purchase a new monitor for the computer..

Me : :wave:
Ma : (come on, think a little ;))
CSR: This isn't hard...:p

So, we've got the monitor and headed to the till, head to an empty one (it was early, there were no other customers in the store)

CSR: Good morning
Me: Good Morning
CSR: *beep* Is this for a business
Me: No, thank you.
Me:... Hmm, not quite sure why I said 'thank you', it makes no sense whatsoever in the sentence
Ma : No, not really :lol:
CSR: Thats <amount>
(payment type stuff happens here, it's not very interesting...)
CSR: I'll attach the receipt to this [warrenty type card I think] so it's a little harder to lose
Me : Thanks, I'd best let you give that to the lady in charge though
CSR : (to Ma) :D He's learning!
Me/Ma/CSR :D

I still haven't worked out why I said 'Thank You' to the 'is it for a business' part, I guess the lack of coffee didn't help...

08-16-2008, 08:17 PM
I guess the lack of coffee didn't help...

Insufficient caffeine error then ;)