View Full Version : Big words?

08-17-2008, 01:14 AM
This one just made me shrug my shoulders and wonder why I even try sometimes.

I had just finished entering in a $10 CC payment for a customer.

Me: Ok that should post an additional $10 airtime onto your phone within 1 hour.

Customer: What do you mean additional. It's just $10 right.

Me: Yes, in addition to your current airtime.

Customer: What do you mean in addition?

Me: $10 + whatever you have now.

Customer: So just $10 right.

Me: Yes :confused:

Customer: But what do you mean additional.

Me: Sir, you purchased $10, that will add on to whatever you have hence additional.

Customer: Oh, whatever man. Thanks. *click*

Me: :wtf: :confused: