View Full Version : I'm a little slow today....

08-20-2008, 12:47 AM
I never use checks....NEVER!!

Recently, my bank was bought out by another bank and as such, they switched account numbers, sent new debit cards and also sent us a BIG box of free checks. I havent used a check in over 5 years...i just dont deal with them since technology is GREAT!!

So because of the bank switch they screwed up the escrow amount on our mortgage thats automatically deducted and we were left owing $294 this month, since they didnt deduct enough. I call the bank and they tell me to send them a check for the rest. So I do...I fill all the little spots out and write "ESCROW" on the left "memo" line and I write the Loan Acct number on the right line..and then I mail it out. I realized about an hour later that I never SIGNED the check...LOL.

Im waiting for an amused(or pissed off) phone call from the bank...