View Full Version : The Touchy Thingy

08-20-2008, 03:15 PM
My pin pad (the only one on our four registers) has kicked the bucket. I taped signs over it, told people not to swipe their card through it, etc. because it wasn't working. I'd still get people swiping cards, only to tell me it's not working.

So manager K and I removed it until we get our new one, and I'll swipe them manually on my computer. Yet I'll still get customers swiping in mid-air where the pin pad used to be. Then I got this bright bulb:

SC: Where's your touchy thingy?
Me:........my wha....?
SC: The touchy thingy, where'd it go?
Me: I don't...
SC: The thing that used to be right here. *points at the empty space*
Me: Oh! The pin pad...yeah, it kinda died last week so I'll have to swipe your card myself.
SC: *hands me the card*Pin pad? That's seriously what it's called? Who'da thunk?

Made me chuckle later, because I've never heard it called that. Ever.

08-25-2008, 08:27 AM
wait, someone slid their card through mid air :eek:
were they just not paying attention or just that dense?