View Full Version : callin' brain burp on myself

08-21-2008, 05:47 PM
So I stopped at the pharm / grocery store to pick up my new perscription and a few things for dinner. After having a frustrating discussion with the pharmacy, I picked up a few things. I paid and asked for $20 cash back. Did I grab my cash - nope, totally spaced. I stop at the second store to pick up what I needed there - no cash. *sigh* I go back to the first store (only 5 min away) and talk to customer service. Now I know this sounds totally like a scam to them, but they fill out the paperwork and say someone will call the next day. No call. I figure I'm out the money - sucks, but it was my flustered stupidity. Several days later when I'm finally done being mad at myself, the phone rings. It is the lady who took my paperwork - she had been off for a few days and this was her first day back. She realized that no one had called me to tell me the found the I in fact had not received the cash and I can come pick it up!
I don't know what kind of PITA that was for them to figure out, but I'm very grateful. Extra bonus - the pharmacy finally filled my prescription that day too.